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What's your favorite way to spend your free time, LOL--do you get any of that?

Reading. I'm compulsive. I'm always reading

What's your favorite children's book and what do you like about it?

I've got four I love. I refuse to pick

Maude and Claude Go Abroad by Susan Meddaugh. This again is a book length poem. Susan Meddaugh is simply a genius. The way she twists the word to create her poem full of humor and whimsy is just a delight.

My favorite of many lines:

And then we laid eyes on
Land on the horizon.

I just love that the woman rhymed ‘eyes on’ with ‘horizon’. That’s just creative and funny and the book is full of smart, sharp language like this.

Tootle-A Little Golden Big

I think Tootle is THE book for a young mom to read to her children. It’s a Little Golden Book. The moral of the story is: There are nothing but red flags for little trains who get off the tracks.

Now it might take a bit of considering because that moral is pretty well buried in the silliness of little Tootle frolicking in a field of wildflowers when he’s supposed to be practicing being a locomotive. But this is a deep truth. There truly are nothing but red flags for little trains who get off the tracks.

I have a day job working with people who are off the tracks in a major way. And there are NOTHING but red flags in these people’s lives. Read your babies and grandbabies Tootle and make sure they get the point.

The Big Orange Splot
- go with Tootle I loved The Big Orange Splot by D. Manus Pinkwater.

Some people mistake Tootle as a call to live a life of conformity. But there is a difference between following your dreams and being off the tracks. The Big Orange Splot is all about loving what is special about you. Plus, it’s a book long poem and it’s a joy to read.

My house is me
And I am it
And it looks like all my dreams.

A Child's Garden of Verses

by Robert Louis Stevenson. This is the classic best book for children in my humble opinion.

The Swing

How do you like to go up in a swing?

Up in the air so blue?

Oh, I do think it’s the pleasantest thing,

Ever a child can do.

There are a whole collect of these beautiful, child centered classic poems. I used to recite that poem while I’d push my daughters on the swing and they learned to say it along with me.

I think this one is hilarious, so how far have we come from this?

The Whole Duty of Children

A child should always say what’s true

And speak when he is spoken to

And behave mannerly at table

At least as far as he is able.

Your favorite flavor of ice cream?

We have Blue Bunny ice cream in Nebraska, it may be regional. It's got a flavor called Bunny Tracks. It is so fantastic. Anyone still trying to come up with ice cream flavors should stop now. Ice Cream has been PERFECTED.

What's your dream vacation?

I'd like to drive out into the mountains and find a staggeringly beautiful view and just sit there until I got tired of it. I'd like my husband along and a laptop, and maybe take day trips to Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon or whatever's nearby, but come back and spend hours surrounded by white mountains peaks and soaring eagles and majestic pines.

I don't know if I'd last three hours or three weeks, but I'd like to see how long I'd last.

What would you like to do/learn to do if you had the time?

I really don't like learning new things, Tina. My mind filled up about 1987 and ever since learning has been somewhat painful for me.

You know how they say people only use 10% of their brains, I don't think so. I think we're all going flat out. If we could be smarter, surely we would be. These days I can't remember anything new.

In fact, if I could just forget that blasted Greek alphabet I memorized in college, maybe I could free up enough space in my brain to remember my own cell phone number. but noooooooooooo Alpha Beta Epsilon...I can do them ALL.

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