Buds & Blossoms

My garden is a wreck right now.

With our state in a water crisis (whose state isn't?), we're not even water our grass. Grass. We haven't actually had grass in a long time. It's just some prickly brown stuff.

I'm always interested in and looking at magazines or books with outdoor rooms or gardens with pea gravel paths and flowery shrubs spilling over where they line the edges.

We have several trees in our backyard lining the back fence. The birds love them. We love the songs we hear throughout the day.

We did just plant two tomato plants in pots. You can see those on Lil' Tigers page. Can't wait to dig into the dirt and plant some flower seeds. We've got the weather here, sunny and warm, no matter what month it is.

We just don't have much water, LOL!