Missed the Hollyhocks!

I need to plan out my gardening. Hollyhocks, according to the back of the seed packet, take 10 -21 days to germinate (depending on variety), and 365 long days to bloom (according to the Ferry Morse seed packet of Summer Carnival Mixed Colors). A long time, but well worth the wait.

If you get them in the ground.

I suppose I should get moving on the garden area I need prepared and get those seeds down, so I'll have beautiful blossoms by next year.

My Botanical Interests seed packet (Chater's Double) offers that Hollyhocks were very much part of the English gardens of the 1800s, with several varieties and colors. Although the packet lists the height of the plant at 4 1/2 feet tall, I was astonished to see them at 12 feet tall in a friend's garden a couple of years ago.

Plant's needs:

Soil - deep rich soil

Full sun and is drought tolerant

Water - prefers ample moisture

We'll post pictures in a few days. We're going to get these seeds in the ground!

Anyone out there growing hollyhocks? What's your experience with this unusually beautiful plant?

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