Mixed Herb Pots

Life can be a little cluttered with time and space stealers. So, we don't have the time, or the space planned out right now, for the vegetable and herb garden we'd like to have.

Our alternative? Container gardens.

These are useful and pretty. Just make sure you water more often than their ground planted counterparts, since the soil in pots loses moisture faster.

Next week, Lil' Tiger and I will head out and select three herbs and a couple of vegetables to plant in containers. So, join us next week and together we'll plant our gardens in containers.

You'll need pots to fit the number of herbs you want to grow (or a window box). Just remember to allow enough room for the plant to grow at least 3 times its size at the time of purchase.

You'll also want soil for your edible garden. Talk to your local gardener stores for their recommendations according to your climate zone.

Another tool you'll need, little hands of your favorite little ones, digging in with you and having a great time. The goal is not to plant plants, but to make memories, always.

Your turn now. Tell us what you're planning to plant!

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