Everything's Coming Up Roses

Mr. Lincoln roses remind me of my mother-in-law. She loved the scent of them. That deep and distinctive aroma that one could tell what bloom she had cut and sitting on her dining room table.

I also miss my tea roses. Haven't had a rose garden in a long time. Shortly after we had Lil' Tiger, it became clear to us that we'd have to simplify our yard. We went from cute and flowery to "Wow, the weeds sure have gotten tall!" We had relocated our roses to my mother-in-laws and she loved them when she was still around.

She's gone now, and so are the roses. Filling someone else's senses with delight. I miss my mother in law. And also my roses.

Our schedules are still crazy-filled right now, but one day, I'll have my rose garden. And in it, Mr. Lincoln. And every time I catch a waft of that scent, I'll remember my mother-in-law.

Any rose experts? Share your knowledge and what works in your garden, we'll dig in together! I love hybrid teas and found them to be very easy to grow in S. CA. Please share your favorite flower and the memory attached to it.


Riky said...

We used to have some beautiful St Patrick's roses in the front of our house. I was really nice to come home and have them greeting me. They were a wonderful yellow color with a great strong aroma. Well we were going to have some remodeling done and moved those roses. Surprisingly, the soil was different enough to change the color of the flower to a pale green. I love the new home addition but I do miss that rose bush greeting me at the door.

Tina Dee Books said...

Hi Riky,

St. Patrick's are one of my favorite roses. I love that light green and yellow combination! I miss all the roses we used to grow around our house. Thanks for stopping by!