Lil Tiger's Red Hot Chili

This recipe all started with, one of my favorite, books. And my son just loves it too. Texas Zeke and the Longhorn.

Lil' Tiger modified our family chili recipe to go with this book. If you haven't read this book, you should, it's a hoot. You've got to read it in 'voice', accent and all. Your youngins' will just love it.

Thanks and enjoy this chili with Lil' Tiger's cornbread recipe, which will be posted here in a couple of days--along with contest details for a chance to win a copy of Texas Zeke and the Longhorn.

Lil' Tiger's Red Hot Chili will be posted just as soon as he's caught up on his schoolwork. So stop by in a couple of days kids! In the meantime, finish up your schoolwork!

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