All A Twitter & A Contest!

Well, it's official. You can follow me and be subjected to, er, updated to all my mundane goings on in life. Why you'd want to, I haven't a clue. But maybe, just maybe you're that bored. I think not.

I hope not.

So, if you have nothing better to do, follow me on Twitter (TinaDeeBooks), and then I'll follow you. We can be lost and bored together, LOL! Or just keep dropping by here and read the left sidebar, I'm determined to bore you to tears, heh, heh...
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Now, for a contest. Winner will receive the movie: 50 First Dates starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Cute movie.

Here's a movie synopsis: Henry (Adam Sandler) looks for island flings with tourists, he's a no strings attached kind of guy. Until he meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore). She suffers from short-term memory loss and every night her memory is wiped clean. She doesn't remember Henry, or any of the dates he takes her on, so it's always a first date for them. Perfect for Henry who wants nothing more, except that he's fallen for Lucy and now he's committed to stop at nothing to win her over.

To be entered in the drawing, tell us about your most memorable date. Please change names. Can be anything--funny or sweet, but remember, this is a family-friendly blog.

My most memorable date? Uhh... I asked you first!

[Update: There's still time, so leave a comment with your email addy.
The drawing will take place Friday, July 3rd for the 50 First Dates movie.]


Carmen7351 said...

For over a period of about 6+ months my family drove past a car I loved on the way to church, and wanted to meet whoever owned it, as I figured he had a lot of character to buy that type of car. Later in church I saw a really cool guy. SWEET! A short time later, I was at a party where I saw this exact car. Met him and it was love at first sight. No other guy caught my eye after that. We hit it off and have have been married almost 39 years.

Tina Dee Books said...

Oh my goodness, Carmen7351! That is so sweet! Since your 39th will be coming up soon, I'll go ahead and wish you a happy 39th anniversary. That's incredible.

So do you guys still have that car?

Billy Coffey said...

Ah, Twitter. I don't understand it, but I still do it. Like a lot of things in my life...

The Homefront said...

You know we want to hear your OWN most memorable date story, Tina!

It's been a while, but the most memorable date for me was the first time my husband (then-friend) and I went anywhere alone. We had been hanging out at the DQ after I got off work (crazy teenagers that we were), and a friend of ours tried to hop over a cement barrier and twisted her ankle. I drove her home in her car, since she couldn't use her right foot, and my future husband followed us in his truck. After we saw her into her house he drove out into the mountains to a beautiful stream he wanted to show me. We looked up at the stars together and he wrapped his arms around my waist...and then we went back to my car! lol, very innocent, but very romantic. I thought he was the sweetest guy I knew...and I still do!

I just love to tell that story...not really date-worthy, but it still makes me smile. :)

Michelle said...

After meeting 3 months earlier, the confession that he'd just started seeing someone, the IM 2 months later just to say "tgif", the phone call "Aren't you seeing someone", the statement that they'd broken up, a month of IMing back and forth AND my best friend telling me he was too young (by 2 years!!!) and he'd never date a single mom with a 10 year old, we finally decided we'd have our first date on my birthday. It was so sweet, he had roses, a teddy bear, and a bottle of wine. To say the least, I was touched. So much in fact we married almost exactly a year later and are livin our happily ever after.

Tina Dee Books said...

Thanks for sharing, Michelle. What a sweet turnout! I love happy endings!