At Last!

Yeehaw & Yippee skipee! I'm about to commit a blogging self-promotion/marketing sin--and you're invited!

In the self-promo/platform-building world of writers, it's darn-near a no-no to send your readers off to somewhere else, especially when you don't have your own site set up to open a new browser page for the place you're sending them off to. See, I'm supposed to keep you here (hey, I don't even know why you keep coming back, but I'm sure glad you do--thank you, by the way).

You know I'm a fan of fellow writer Billy Coffey. Right now, I can't think of anyone I enjoy reading more. After several of his readers, me included, threatened to storm his porch and steal all his iced tea, he finally relented and offered up a partial read of his first chapter. The rest of the chapter will be available, same bat-time, same bat-channel next Monday.

Okay, okay. That's not entirely true about stealing all his tea, but he has posted his writing.

So, I'll direct you over to Billy's blog, and he'll direct you over to Katdish's blog, where he's guest blogging (and always does on Mondays).
I was one of those who asked for a sample of his book. And Katdish was gracious enough to invite him to share during his Monday guest spot on her blog. Thank you, Katdish!

Soooo....C'mon, let's all go together. And if I get there before you do, I'll get another pitcher of iced tea started. Just save me a seat on the porch swing.

Hey, if you're free tomorrow, stop by. I'm answering Grover's question and I'll post it.


Billy Coffey said...

Wow, Tina. This is so nice of you! Thank you SO much.

Tina Dee Books said...

I was only partly kidding about starting Front Porch Publishing--I think we NEED your writing. At the end of the day, after the dust is all settled, I know I sure do!

So thank you, Billy!