Billy Coffey Tuesday - Let's Meet on Billy's Front Porch

There's someone I want to introduce you to. Around here, we just know him as Billy. Not by his blog's name, not by his full name. In our house, he's Billy. And we talk about him like he's our neighbor who visits often.

Through his incredible ability to tell a story he's not only made his way into our home, but into our hearts. Any day he posts, he's read in our home--twice. See, hubby can't wait to read Billy's post, so he checks it daily, and early.

Me? I wait. I'm subscribed to his blog, so I receive an email in the evenings at about 7 p.m. I wait. I won't click over from the email to his blog until the evening has quieted, I can read uninterrupted, and be alone with my thoughts--and his words.

The reason? I simply love a great story.

And Billy's a great storyteller.

I enjoy a story that takes me away because it's well told, well written. Billy does both, but also a couple of other things. His writing offers hope. His writing cracks open the door and allows us to see the WHY. I like that. That's been my big question since I was about 2 years old, ask my dad. And, it's still my big question--just ask God, LOL.

So, in the cool of the evening, when all has quieted, except the sound of crickets and a few birds, I read Billy, rather his blog, What I Learned Today... And it's MY time. It can be your time too. Just follow me there.

And know that here, at The Homestead Heart, Tuesdays are Billy Coffey days. I'll choose one of his posts from the previous week to give you a few nibbles of, then I'll invite you to join me on the front porch of his blog. Just bring a glass with ice, Billy pours a mean glass of lemonade or tea, and it's good.

But his stories are even better, because those come by way of a gift of God.

Come on, let's go enjoy one right now, it's not from this past week, but it's recent and fits well with what we'll be celebrating in a few days. So, follow me over to Billy's, it's okay, he's expecting us. Grab your glass of ice and let's head on over...


The Homefront said...

This is one of my're right, Billy knows how to spin a tale! I've been telling everyone this story all week long. It's definitely a keeper. :)

Tina Dee Books said...

Hi sweetie!

I'm always glad when you drop by!

Yes, isn't that true. It's such a good story. I sat up straighter when I came to the end and we find out who...oh, I won't spoil it, but I'm sure you know what I mean!

See ya on your blog later this afternoon--another place I enjoy visiting!

How's hero-hubby? We can't wait for the day you get to make that welcome home dinner!

Dona Watson said...

Thanks for the tip! I look forward to checking out Billy and his blog.


katdish said...

One of my favs from Billy. The world needs more storytellers. Especially of his caliber.