Mr. Philip Mornay - Character Interview

Please enjoy my interview with Mr. Philip Mornay, the lead male character in Linore Rose Burkard's two most recent books, Before the Season Ends and The House In Grosvenor Square.

Mr. Mornay, we’re so pleased that you would grant us this exclusive interview. I know you’re busy readying for your upcoming wedding, so your time with us is all the more precious. [Photo to the right is much what I imagined Mr. Mornay to look like.]

Miss Forsythe quite literally fell into your arms. Tell us what you saw the moment you looked into her face, her eyes, for the first time.

I would have to call it a complete and utter honesty—which intrigued me. Ariana’s eyes, you recall, are very large and striking. But they convey the sort of sincerity one seldom finds among the ton.

With your new-found faith being only a couple of weeks old, how can you know you’ll feel the same in ten years?

Feel the same? Do you believe that faith is to be gauged based upon feelings, Mrs. Dee? I have no clue how I shall feel in a decade’s time, but I can assure you that what I know of God is grounded upon Scripture, which I believe to be infallible. One year, or a thousand, it makes no difference. What I base my salvation upon—the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ—is historical fact, and does not change. Does that satisfy your question?

What is an inner quality Miss Forsythe possesses that drew you to her and will continue to draw your heart to hers?

Miss Forsythe possesses a fierce pride, and yet is all sweetness; she is innocent but no fool; she is beautiful, but no flirt; she wears the latest modes, but is no snob. She is true to her convictions under all circumstances, and honest in her conversation. (smile) She tells me more with a single look than some people do in pages of talk.

What do you love best about the story of you and Miss Forsythe?

The ending, of course. She has agreed to marry me, and I am like a man who has been given a new life. [Pause. A small frown.] I was not aware of the depths of my need—either for her, or for God. I am eternally grateful to have both in my life.

Any ideas on the recent attempt to abduct her?

I believe it was mere opportunity. A well bred young woman on the street at night with only a link boy to guard her was too much temptation for those cowardly blackguards. The coves responsible had best stay clear of Mayfair, however, as we are all on the alert, now.

What do you think about all the items that seem to mysteriously have gone missing in your home?

Frankly, Mrs. Dee, they are the least of my concern at the moment.

Who is your best friend?

‘Best friend?’ I suppose you mean the acquaintance I value most? That could only be Miss Forsythe, surely you realize that.

What is a hobby you thoroughly enjoy?

Fencing; after riding, I suppose.

What is your favorite meal?

Now that is a question of taste [his eyes sparkle]. But not a topic of good conversation, surely. Do we wish to bore your readers? Suffice it to say that I never sit down to mutton, and the only rolls I touch are from Grosvenor Street.

What kind of tea do you drink and where might we find it currently?

I drink the same blend that the Regent uses—and it is found only through the best suppliers, I assure you. I cannot say where you will find the best tea, today, but I can tell you never to accept it off the street from a hawker. That stuff will kill an elephant!

One last question. How do you believe Ms. Burkard has handled yours and Miss Forsythe’s story? Have you enjoyed working with her?

Do you mean, Mrs. Burkard? I give her my compliments, actually. She was discreet enough not to show my every thought to the whole world, and she managed to convey the astonishing character of Miss Forsythe with an impressive degree of precision—so that no one could doubt my affection for her; Ariana is too winning,
which everyone must acknowledge. However, I do not advise any woman to aspire to writing novels—it is, after all, a strenuous undertaking. But I cannot fault Mrs. Burkard in this instance; I believe that the good example readers may find in Ariana excuses the author’s insistence upon writing the book.

What advice would you give a modern-day young man on courting a woman?

Your last question was supposed to be your LAST; however, in view of the importance of this issue, I will say that young men today should choose a godly woman who will benefit not only themselves, but their family heritage, their children, and their general welfare and happiness.

Women of the world are no more to be trusted as to motives than a cat on the hunt; find yourself a godly woman, sir! Study the scripture and know the Word of God for yourself. That is my best advice for any man.

Mr. Mornay, thank you so much for your time. We’ve enjoyed our time with you. We wish you the best on your upcoming wedding, and on your future with your lovely bride-to-be.

I am much obliged. [A polite bow] Miss Forsythe would like to express her gratitude for your hospitality to me; and Mrs. Burkard, if I am not mistaken, wished to leave you a calling card. It contains her website address:


[I watch him go, and don’t start fanning myself until after his coach has rolled down the drive.]

Linore has a wonderful newsletter on the Regency period. Please go to her website and sign up for it. Enjoy her website while you're there--lots of fun!



A J Hawke said...

Thank you Mrs. Dee for the delightful introduction to Mr. Mornay. He is indeed an impressive gentleman. It is too unsatisfactory that he is already taken by Miss Forsythe.
Mrs. Burkard is to be commented for her insistence at continuing in the strenuous work of book writing.
Good day to you, Mrs. Dee.


Tina Dee Books said...

Believe me, it was my delight to interview both Mr. Mornay and Mrs. Burkard.

I just sent fan mail, yes, fan mail to Mrs. Burkard on maintaining the same wonderful feel of the first book but bringing in new elements on the second book. Lots of twists and turns, these characters keep you on your toes!

I'm already trying to sneak the release date of the next book out of Mrs. Burkard. Lots of fun reading!

Linore said...

Dear AJ,
Thank you for your kind words. As a matter of fact, the arduous work of writing books has made me nearly forget what I am supposed to be about today! How vexing.

I do hope you will cultivate the acquaintance of Mr. Mornay by learning more about him. His story, I understand, is considered thoroughly agreeable by a great many people!

And Tina! Oh, dear. I just send out my newsletter and it did not have this picture of your lovely face! (Next month, for sure.) Mr. Mornay and I are both very much obliged for your having us here.

Be sure to check out Ms. Dee's novels, dear readers, as they, too, I am told, are of the most excellent quality.

Ever Yours,

Linore Rose Burkard

Debra E Marvin said...

What a lovely break in the day.
Thanks to everyone involved in this interview!

Melanie Dickerson said...

TINA!!! I so enjoyed the interview! Isn't Linore clever? LOVE the characters in these two books.

Please enter me in the contest! I might actually plant a garden if I win!

melaniedickerson at knology dot net

Anonymous said...

This was so clever and cute. Thanks for making me smile and feel like the characters were alive.

Gayla Collins

Emma said...

Great interview.Linore Rose Burkard's two most recent books, Before the Season Ends and The House In Grosvenor Square sounds wonderful.
Please enter me in the contest. Thank you.

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Caroline said...

Swoon; that Mr. Mornay is a charmer! Love that character.