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I first met Lena at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Dallas a few years back. This was my first large multi-day conference--exciting and a bit overwhelming. Lucky for me, though, I had 1) a great roommate, and 2) I had an appointment early on in the conference with Lena.

Lena is the type of lady that makes you feel right at home no matter what the setting. Conference appointments with editors and agents are quite intimidating, but if you've got a 'Lena Nelson Dooley' in your corner, you've been gifted something special.

She introduced me to a few published authors, prayed with me, and shared with me how I could strengthen my story. I cried during our first meeting, not because of all the red marks on my manuscript feedback from her, but more because she made our time together so much different, so much better, than what I had expected it to be. There's a lot of anxiety wrapped up in a heart and soul in those moments at a first large scale conference. A lot of anxiety. But she washed much of that away with her sweet spirit.

And later, during the conference, she caught me in the hall, introduced me to a couple more of her writer friends (friends who were published, yes, little me meeting multi-published authors!) and she said very kind things to them about my writing.

She just has a way of setting a beautiful tone to life in those few precious moments you share with her.

Without further adieu, I give you Mrs. Lena Nelson Dooley. So quick, pour yourself a tall cold drink, sit back and enjoy your time with her, and if you'd like more time with Lena, please sign up for her newsletter when you pay her a visit.

Lena, you are incredibly busy, so we really appreciate your time with us today. Thanks for stopping by to chat with us.

So, tell us what books you have coming out this year, when they’re available, and a bit about the heroine in each.

Wild Prairie Roses came out in May. My heroine is on a quest to find one of her father’s army buddies during the Civil War and share the Lord with him. What she finds in Iowa, is something entirely different.

Cranberry Hearts just released this month. My heroine in this romantic suspense has just found out that everything she believed about her life was a lie. She must find the truth before someone kills her.

In Wild West Christmas, releasing in September, my heroine is the daughter of a rancher. She works on the ranch dressed like a man. When an accountant from back East comes, sparks fly.

Christmas Love at Lake Tahoe also releases in September. My heroine has lost one man who takes too many dangerous chances, and she’s not about to get involved with another man who does the same thing.

Several of your stories come out in books with a couple of stories from other authors. Do you interact with the other authors so your stories fit together? What threads these stories from different authors together into the one book?

All of my releases this year are with either a three-person or a four-person team. And yes all the stories in the collections are tied together, some more loosely than others. But we did work together to make the stories gel.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve always written. I’ve written for publication since 1984.

What’s the hardest part of the writing process for you?

Selling the manuscripts. That’s why I now have an agent, so I can just write and promote.

You really honor your husband well when you speak of him in your dedications or on your blog. Please pass on anything you’ve learned in your relationship that would be of value to any of the younger marriages of our blog readers.

God showed me early-on that He had chosen James for me. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. I have a strong personality that sometimes overpowers people. I had to learn to really hold James in high regard, because God holds him in high regard. I had to learn to take any problems I had with him straight to the throne room and not to my girlfriends’ homes. When I stopped “sharing” negative things about James, my marriage grew and prospered in a deeper way. And it’s been wonderful for years. As often as not, God changed me more than He changed James.

What is one important thing about your characters that you’d like for the readers to takeaway with them by the time they’ve finished your books?

Each of the main characters has some personal problem that he or she must work through in the book. I want readers to know that no matter what they’re going through, they can work through it with God and come out on the other side a better person.

And now for a bit of fun with Lena:

To win a copy of Cranberry Hearts please visit Lena’s blog at to find the answer to Lena’s question below. Leave your answer and your email address in a comment below this interview.

Have fun at Lena’s finding the answer to this question:

Where will I be on July 31?


Edwina said...

Lena will be at Meet the Christian Author Authors Night, WoodsEdge Community Church, Spring, Texas on July 31

Thanks for the great interview! I'm sure Lena is a delightful person and I look forward to reading her blogs!

Please enter me for the drawing!

Beth K Vogt said...

Hope this doesn't show up twice--my first post disappeared as I was typing it!
I enjoyed reading about Lena Nelson Dooley--she sounds like such an encourager! Wish I could meet her at Meet the Christian Authors night on July 31st in Texas.

sugarandgrits said...

I found it!

July 31st: Meet the Author Authors Night, WoodsEdge Community Church, Spring Texas, 6:30 - 9:00pm

Great interview! All of Lena's upcoming releases are already on my Wish list ~ they sound wonderful.

Thank you!


Carmen7351 said...

Lena will be: July 31, 2009 – Meet the Christian Author Authors Night, WoodsEdge Community Church, Spring, Texas – 6:30 – 9:00 pm.

Please enter me for Cranberry Hearts.
desertrose 5173 at gmail dot com

Jo said...

Lena will be at WoodsEdge Community Church in Spring, TX on July 31st. Please enter me in the drawing for book.


Debra Ullrick said...

Add my name to the drawing for Cranberry Hearts, please. It sounds like an excellent book.
I know what you mean about Lena. She is an amazing woman, who is always helping someone. I, too, feel blessed to know her.

Oh, on July 31st, at 6:30 to 9:00, Lena will be at WoodsEdge Community Church in Spring, Texas. Wherever that is. *smiling* For a Meet the Christian authors night. How fun for her and the people who get to meet her.

Debra Ullrick, author of The Bride Wore Coveralls

Debra said...

Lena will be @ Meet the Christian Author, Authors Night, WoodsEdge Community church, in Spring,Texas.
I'm going to my first ACFW conference in Setember. And,Lena is one of the authors I hope I get a chance to meet.
Please enter me in the drawing..Thanks!!!


A J Hawke said...

Lena will be at Meet the Christian Author, Authors Night, WoodsEdge Community church, in Spring,Texas.

That is such a nice compliment from Tina for Lena. To be able to be an encourager is to give a gift that cannot be purchased.

I would very much like to win a copy of the book.


Carole said...

On July 31, Lena and her guests at WoodsEdge Community Church in Spring, Texas will be enjoying themselves at a Meet the Christian Author Night. I'd love to know what refreshments they're serving!

Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Cranberry Hearts. I love the New England setting and look forward to reading it.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net