DiAnn Mills - Chats with us about her new novel BREACH OF TRUST

What inspired the character of Paige Rogers?

While driving through rural Oklahoma en route to visit family there, the thought occurred to me: This is the most unlikely place for a CIA operative to hide out. Before I realized what was happening, Paige, the librarian, had taken form.

You've given great detail to the characterization of Paige, details an agent consider/perform when entering her home or watching her back. How did you research this character?

I phoned the CIA in Washington DC and asked to speak to the PR person. I
waited until the PR person responded. I gave the man my name and what I needed. It was really funny. He excused himself then returned a few moments later. When I asked him if he complained to the person in the cubicle beside him as to why he received this call, he laughed. That broke the ice. Actually, because of security issues, he couldn't answer many questions over and beyond what is on the website. I do have friends within other government security agencies who helped some too. Oh, it's a CIA operative, not an agent. :)

Interesting! Thanks for letting us know. I would not have know otherwise, although I've heard the term operative before. I wondered if maybe he was looking you up while you waited. That would have been funny.

Is Breach of Trust your first suspense/intrigue novel? What other genres do you write?

Historical romance - with a strong thread of suspense.

This is the first book for this series. What's the title of the next book and when will it hit the shelves?

Sworn to Protect is an April 1 release. I'm so excited!

We are too! You write suspense so well!

If Paige could read any of your historicals, or spend time with one of it's characters, what book and who would that character be?

I'd say A Woman Called Sage. The heroine in this historical is a bounty hunter. That book is a March 1 release from Zondervan.

I can't wait for that book to come out! I loved the interview you did with Sage on Bustles & Spurs. I'll add links to that interview where ever Sage's name is mentioned in this interview.

There's a possible love interest for Paige in her small town hideaway. Tell us about him and what he sees in Paige?

Whenever I thought about Miles, I pictured Dennis Quaid. He saw an intelligent woman who was mysterious and witty. And since he came from a business/technological background, she fit!

What other book should we keep an eye out for with an upcoming release date?

A Woman Called Sage.

She’s lost everything she loved. Now, Sage Morrow is a Colorado bounty hunter determined to track down and bring killers to justice…and it’s personal. When the tables are turned, will Sage become the one who is hunted?

Well, I for one can't wait to find out! I'm eagerly awaiting A Woman Called Sage and also Sworn to Protect. We'll look for those when they hit the shelves.

[Friends - if you click on the titles in the above paragraph, it will take you to the Amazon pages for these books. Click anywhere else on A Woman Called Sage in this interview and it will take you to the Bustles & Spurs interview between DiAnn & Sage.]

Thank you so much for joining us today DiAnn. We really enjoyed having you.
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Renee said...

Hi! I haven't read any of Diann's suspense novels but I love her historicals, especially Awaken My Heart! Please enter me! The answer to the question is Lost Boys of the Sudan!


DiAnn Mills said...

Thanks Renee! I call a comment like this "candy for the writer's soul!"

Ginny H. said...

Great interview!

I read the first chapter (at DiAnn's site) and it's great!!! My kind of reading! I also watched the trailer. I felt like I was in a movie theater. I liked the captions (tied to the synopsis) floating across the screeen. The music for the trailer was great; heart pounding. And the sirens and the sound of a camera shutter in the background added to the tension in the clip.

While at DiAnn's site, I checked out some other things... it's too bad the Fiction Mentoring Clinic is in Texas, it sounds grrrrrrreat!

Okay, I'll settle down. (But this was really a great interview: the novel is interesting, the author is fascinating(I like her choice of who she'd spend an afternoon with) and the trailer was awesome!).

To answer your question, DiAnn's ministry is: The Lost Boys of Sudan.

This was a great way to start my day. Thank you, Tina, for another interesting interview. Thank you, DiAnn, for what looks to be a great novel... Breach of Trust!

brendalottakamaggiebrendan said...

Nice interview with DiAnn, one of my favorites! She's also a gracious lady as well.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is The Lost Boys of Sudan. I also saw the Persecution Project Foundation.
Please enter me if I got it right!

Anonymous said...

Lost boys of the Sudan...please enter me! I can't wait to get my hands on this book! I loved the interview with Sage on Bustles and Spurs. EXCITED to read these~

Dennis said...

DiAnn is passionate about Persecution Project

A J Hawke said...

Thanks for the interview. It reminded me of the time spent in a clinic with DiAnn at a conference. She was gentle and kind with everyone but there was also a steady burning intensity when she began to speak of craft and excellence.

I look forward to reading this book. The Aid for Sudan and the Lost Boys Project which led to the Persecution Project. Again, her kind and gentle spirit toward those outside the circle of affluence is shown by her continuing desire to do more than just be aware. She is willing to do something. God bless you in these endeavors for the good of others.


Cynthia said...

The answer is the Persecution project. Please enter me into the drawing. The plot of the story sounds very interesting. Can' wait to read it.
cynthiakchow at earthlink dot net