Am I Crazy...or what???

Yeah, I think I am...definitely...crazy...

Speaking of crazy, it's been crazy-wild in life the last two weeks. I haven't meant to leave you here with nothing new to read, but I have. Please accept my apologies.

As you can see, I've done some rearranging. More to come--hopefully this is an easier way for you to navigate around the site. More articles, less clutter--can I do that in my home too, please? Another time on that, we've got to get down to business here. Did you know the holidays are waiting to pounce on us!?? They are! And, they're just around the corner. Please--don't even tell me that you've already got your Christmas shopping done!

Here's a peek into future articles here, and a few wish-lists.

Sit back, relax, well, actually you should grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage then we'll chat about what's coming up soon...

Upcoming Interviews

Mitch McVicker - Musician

You know Mitch. In fact, I bet you prayed for him, not knowing him, but knowing what happened that tragic night. Mitch McVicker was the close friend, roommate, and fellow passenger in the carwreck that took Rich Mullin's life 12 years ago. Not only did Mitch lose his best friend and mentor that night, but he himself spent 7 weeks in the hospital recovering from horrific, life-threatening injuries.

God has done an awesome work in his life. Mitch is a humble man, and travels by humble means to share the big love of a gracious God. He just released a new album called, Always Believe and is touring the country with it. You can have Mitch invited to play at your church, and I'll let you know how in our upcoming interview.


Pete Wilson - Pastor, Family man, Funny guy, Great blogger, and now Author!

I know you know who Pete is...because if you don't you soon will. He's lover of Christ, and a man who, if you read his blog, you'll sense his feeling that he has the most wonderful wife and kids in the world (they are a pretty neat family!) And, he loves people. He's given his life to serving people because of his love for God.

And he has a great blog, one I love reading! Many times I find myself laughing, sometimes crying (a happy or cleansing kind of cry), and always turning my perspective and my heart back in awe of God. Pete bares his heart, shows his humility and humanity, and points us back to the God Who so loves us. That's a pastor's heart.

That's a heart after God's.

If you're not subscribed to Pete's blog, I hope you'll give it a try. You can always unsubscribe. In fact, if you feel you have too much email coming to you, unsubscribe from my blog and subscribe to his. I know, I know, that's blog suicide for me, but let me just say this: It's fun to come here, sure..I hope--but his blog is fun and more than that, it's a place where hope and encouragement come regularly, not just from Pete, but also from the community he's built in his readership. There is a deeper value for you there, for your heart and your day.

I'm just saying...think about it. Click on Pete Wilson's Without Wax and see for yourself. You'll enjoy it.

So you know we follow Billy Coffey on Tuesdays, we're going to follow Pete Wilson here on Fridays.

How will I ever pick just one post for us to follow every Friday? Yes, they are that good, you'll see!


Susan Meissner - Award winning novelist, speaker, my writing mentor and friend, and one of the loveliest persons you'll ever meet. She has a new novel out and we'll talk to her about it on Saturday: White Picket Fences.


Kathleen Y'Barbo - Join us to read about her latest release, a historical romantic comedy The Confidential Life of Eugenia Cooper published by Waterbrook.


Hanna Shahin - An incredible story in this autobiography - this is quick read. An intriguing story about a man's life-journey in sharing his faith with his Arab brothers of the Muslim culture, the obstacles, and the unexpected, remarkable people he meets along the way.

My guest wish-list for Chefs, Authors, & Musicians:

Chefs sharing their incredible recipes - this is a wish list, so I hope we can get them:

Michael King - Monell's Dining & Catering in Franklin TN - There's a story in this one! I'll tell you sometime! Until then, I'll just continue to dream about eating there, at my favorite restaurant that I haven't yet been to, in my favorite town--that I haven't yet been to, in the most beautiful state I've never set foot in...yet. Told you I was crazy. (Those of you in Nashville & Franklin know the truth though, don't you? You live in the best place!)

Paula Deen - uh-huhhhhh, that Paula Deen. Do you think she'll join us? I hope so!

Chef Brian - you don't know him, but he's WONDERFUL!

Authors sharing their latest releases, hoping they'll share with us:

Terry Burns
Stephen Bly
Karen Kingsbury
Maggie Brendan
Cathy Marie Hake
Lauraine Snelling
Vickie McDonough
Tracie Peterson
Robin Lee Hatcher
Brandilyn Collins
Peggy Leslie & Donna Jeremiah
Lori Wick
Beth Moore
Emily Barnes
Patsey Clairemont
Stormie Omartin
Pastor Francis Chan
Pastor Greg Laurie
Pastor David Jeremiah
Pastor Pete Wilson (YES! He has a book coming out!)
...and so many more!

Musicians - we'll see who will stop by for a visit.  I hope they all will:

David Crowder Band
Phil Wickham
Evan Wickham
Nicole C. Mullen
Jennifer Knapp
just to name a few...

Follow Me...

Two must read blogs ~ if you're not subscribed to them, you don't know what you're missing!!!

Billy Coffey Tuesdays


Pete Wilson Fridays (I told you what you're missing, so stop missing it! LOL, go visit and subscribe to Pete's blog Without Wax)

Recipes - Mine & Yours

Crazy Recipe Mondays may double as we approach the holidays. Instead of just one recipe, we'll continue with our regular recipes, but we may also add a holiday recipe too. Sorry, no turkey recipes--there are plenty of great ones out there, and I don't cook the little beasts--mom still does that and she does it great.

I want to hear from you! Send your recipes! Just notify me in a recipe comment that you have one to share and leave your email address in this format: MyEmail [at] address [dot] com. When you contribute a recipe, please include any family story/history, if you have one to go with it, that tells us why this is special (or just let us know that you like it and that's that!)

Gardening & Kitchen Gardens

I have nothing to say on this, absolutely nothing! And you'd know why if you saw our garden.

LOL--actually, the reason I haven't kept up here is because I'd like to either share anything from you (yes, you can guest blog post & include pics) of your own garden. In California, we're in a water crisis (from the last six years of drought), so much so that we are only allowed to water our yards on specified days of the week (in our city), for a short and specified amount of time. And, container plants are included in that order. They can only be watered on those designated days and are only allowed so much water. Consequently, everyone's yards here are brown, and our plants get watered when we remember to fill up the watering can--on our watering day. We don't ever remember. Poor plants! We're praying for a cold and rainy winter here.

We're parched out here!

Back to us...You & Me!

I've gotten away from sharing personal posts (not intentionally), but I'll get to writing and sharing more of those. It's been so busy lately, and I'm not very good at juggling life and its fullness.
So, thank you for your patience, but also for your support in not only visiting this site, but also in reading my Love's Gamble story. It's been so good to hear from you and that you're enjoying it! I enjoy writing it. Yes--I really am working on chapter 4, I know you've been waiting for it. But, I'm also rewriting my other novel, so things are going slower as I learn how to carve out a new writing schedule with all that's going on in life.

Please let me know if there are any authors or musicians you'd like to see as guests here. Leave me a comment along with your email address.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming interviews with Mitch McVicker and with Pastor Pete Wilson. I'm really excited about both--each an incredible lover of Christ and of people.

Now that's some of the crazy fun that's been going on with me.
How about you?

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I'm sorry I've been so absent lately, but this line-up sounds absolutely wonderful! I'm looking forward to new posts in every category--you certainly do cover quite a bit, Tina! :)