Billy Coffey Tuesday ~ Come Follow Along!

A personal retreat sounds so nice right now

I know where I'd go. Julian. The small mountain gold-mining of the 1870s still exists today, and is also the backdrop of my historical romance novel. Nowadays, this quaint little town is better known for it's fall apple fest and countryside bed & breakfasts.

I know what I'd take. Not movies, not music. Instead, I'd pack my Bible, pics of my hubby & son, and my computer or several printouts of my two favorite blogs, one by Pete Wilson (Without Wax).

And the other, well, you know who--but in case you don't, in case you're new here I'll tell you. Billy. Billy Coffey...What I Learned Today

Both wonderful men who love their families, love people, and love the Lord.

Yep, reading them both is like a spa treatment for the weariness brought on by navigating through a tough day. Why? They point me back to caring for my fellow man, and even more back to the Giver of Life, the One Who cares for me, for you. And what a wonderful thing then to break open God's word and breathe it in.

If you're new here, you'll soon see that this day every week is called Billy Coffey Tuesday. We follow one of his blog posts, usually one from the previous week. But today, we're going vintage.

Today's read comes from a post Billy did back in February. Love it though. Felt good reading it in this all-too-warm weather we constantly enjoy here on the west coast.

Grab your favorite beverage, plop down into your favorite cozy spot, and follow along...come on...we're off to Billy Coffey's! 

Just click the pic below and we'll make it there

--just as though we're on a retreat.



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alfrhnsby said...

Good Post..!

pete wilson said... Bill get's his own day? What the heck. :)