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Amber, before we get started, you have a new baby in your home. Tell us how your writing life has changed since the arrival of your little sweetie.

It's changed quite a lot, actually. When Victoria was born, I was also under a deadline, so the entire first 6 weeks of her life, I was trying to balance the lack of sleep along with finishing a book. I had planned to get it done before she was born, but that didn't happen. Thanks to my husband's help in the evenings when he got home from work, I was able to get it finished in time, but it happened at the 11th hour, just under the wire. Now that she's 5 months old, she's settled into a nice routine for both of us where I can let her sit and play while I work around her. Still, I'm careful to not get too involved that I ignore her. My writing time has diminished, and I have to schedule it better, but it works.

LOL--Mommyhood--busy, but such a blessing. Tell us about the books you have out before we discuss your current release Hearts & Harvest.

My first series is set in Colonial Delaware and focuses on the dawning of our new nation before the Revolutionary War with the 3rd book taking place during the war. They follow the same family through 3 generations, covering the Great Awakening, the French & Indian War, and the Revolutionary War as viewed through residents living in Delaware, a small state that had a lot of significance often left out in history books. All 3 of those books will be released in a collection entitled Liberty's Promise in March 2010.

Liberty's Promise
3 in 1 Collection
March 2010

When you started writing Hearts & Harvest, did you realize how prophetic it would be economically?
Not at all. I had birthed the idea a full year before I even started writing it, so the economy in present times hadn't reached the critical point yet. The Panic of 1893 was a major event in Detroit and full of potential. As I worked my way through the story, though, everything in present times changed, and I was able to weave in discussions, circumstances and experiences for my historical characters parallel to what many people were experiencing today. It was interesting to read how people responded overall to the financial crisis over 100 years ago and how people responded today. Quite a difference, and unfortunately, not in a good way.

In Hearts & Harvest, there are coop-type farms to help those who are struggling economically. How do they work and how did you do the research for these? Did they really exist back then?
Yes, they really did exist. When I do my research, I spend a lot of time painstakingly reviewing the facts and details to portray the setting and the people accurately. I might write fiction, but I do my best to make the history and characters come alive to the reader while giving them an accurate view of how life really was. A principal resource was the historical society of Detroit and one of the curators there who helped me with books, exhibits and other resources from that time. 

The co-op farms worked just as I depict them in my book. Those with land not being used donated the land for public use, but they didn't lose ownership. It was more on a loan to the city. Families in need of assistance were assigned plots on that land to farm. What they produced, they could use to feed their own families while providing all of the extra to the city to be distributed to those who couldn't work or the general market to be sold.

What one sentence hook can you give us from the perspective of each of these characters-- William and Anabelle?

I guess you're looking for a summary of their experiences, so here goes:

William - He thought he'd lost it all, and even stumbled in his faith, but a visit from a society darling helps him return to his roots once more.

Annabelle - Looking to do more than offer handouts to those in need, she never dreamed she'd unearth love beneath the sometimes unforgiving land.

What character in Hearts & Harvest was the most fun to write and why?

Hmm, the most fun? I'm not sure I can isolate just one. My characters tend to take on lives of their own, and I'm simply along for the ride. Each one tends to have a shining moment, not just the hero and heroine. But, I did have fun writing Annabelle with her quick wit and sometimes sharp tongue, but also her never ending desire to help people and her genuine good-natured spirit. She might have appeared  naive to some, but deep down, she possessed quite a bit of intelligence and compassion.

You have a great website and blog. You're also a web designer. Tell us about what we'd find on your website and blog. Or better yet, ask us a question and we'll dig around on your website to find the answer and post it here in our comments for our giveaway of a copy of Hearts & Harvest.

Thank you! I've gone through many designs before settling on this one, and I feel it captures the essence of what I do more than the others. And yes, I design web sites as a way to help pay the bills when royalties and advances aren't forthcoming or aren't as much as anticipated.

As for the question from my site, 
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Amber, thanks for chatting with us today. We really enjoyed visiting with you!


Keli Gwyn said...

My guess is that you fell in love with historical fiction while working on the Web site for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and writing fan fiction based on the show.

Carmen7351 said...

I would guess Tracie Peterson, ACFW and the Christy Awards. I searched and didn't anything specific. Unless I missed it.
Your book sound delicious. Love historicals.
Please enter me.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

A J Hawke said...

I didn't find a specific statement, but I would guess that working on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman had some influence.

Would love to win a copy of your book.


Abi said...

Would the answer be: It takes you into a time period (world) you've never seen (lived in).

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Michelle said...

The answer would be, "Thanks to the gentle nudging of a fellow author -- Tracie Peterson -- in 2002, I joined the American Christian Fiction Writers and wouldn't be published today without them. For those of you who are also fiction writers looking for a wonderful support group, check them out!"

Thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway!

scraphappy71 at sbcglobal dot net

Evangeline Denmark said...

Just wanted to thank you for this great interview of Amber aka "Tori's Mom." I'm not entering the giveaway, just stopping by to say hi!

Sandi Rog said...

Well, I'm thinking it had to do with working on Dr. Quinn. Would love to win your book. Sounds exciting.



Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Scavenger hunts are always fun, especially when reading or seeing the answers that everyone finds to "fit the bill" so to speak. I'm not here to give away any clues in any way. Tina will be the one to award the winner.

Thanks so much for visiting with me here at The Homestead Heart and for scouring my site for the answer. I wouldn't be anywhere in my career without readers like you!

Buukluvr81 said...

I searched the site and the only answer I could come up with is that she fell in love with historical fiction when asked to work on the website for Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman combined with a gentle nudging from author Tracie Peterson who also writes historical books and the fact that it does take you into a different time period and makes you feel like you are apart of it!


bookwurm70 said...

Thanks so much for the interview. The book sounds so interesting given our current situation. Please enter me to win, I'd love to read it.

Given that Amber wrote an article titled "How Dr Quinn inspired a writer" I'm guessing she must have gotten the bug to write Historical Fiction while working on the Website for Dr Quinn.

bookwurm70 at gmail dot com