Crazy Recipe Monday - Follow Me to AJ Hawke's Site for Yumminess!

Well, today, rather than me posting my own recipe, we're going to follow my friend AJ Hawke's recipe for Lacy-Edged Corn Pancakes. I only wish I had a picture of them to share. Maybe I'll make these at lunch today and see what I can do!

AJ writes old west and frontier stories with an element of romance. I think there's a post on the AJ HAWKE website with a few chapters posted. If not, I'll be sure to keep you posted when AJ gets them up on the site. So let's put some git in our 'go' and get over there for the recipe.  Take a whiff... Can't you just smell them--smothered with maple syrup? I'd best make a pot of coffee to go with them!

While you're there, please be sure to poke around and explore AJ's site. Very interesting articles! BTW, I'm not really a contributor to AJ's site, but I do help out here and there with technical issues from time to time. All the good stuff--that's all AJ. Click the pic below to follow me there!


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A J Hawke said...

Thanks for sending folks my way! Y'all come on over, pull up a chair, and sit a spell.

Tina, wish I lived close enough to come join you for lunch.