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Before we talk about Hearts in the Crosshairs tell us a bit about the different genres you write.

Lately I’ve been writing historical romance and contemporary romantic suspense. I enjoy the variety, but they require different types of research. With historicals, I’m constantly looking up words to see if they were used in that time period. I also do a lot of reading about the period and location. For contemporaries, I spend more time on police procedure, military customs and protocol, and the places where I’ve set the story.

What connection does Hearts in the Crosshairs have to a real historical event?

The fictional governor, Jillian, lives in the real Maine governor’s mansion, which is the former home of James G. Blaine. I loved researching the Blaine House and how it came to belong to the people of Maine. Most of that background did not get into this book, but it’s an intriguing topic.

Tell us about how you came to write this story.

I’ve wanted to write about Maine’s capital for a while, and decided suspense was the best genre for me to do that. We’ve never had a female governor, and so I decided to bring that fantasy to life and put her under fire.

How did you research protocol, special protective/security procedures, and weave in political element? Where did you go for your information?

First I called the spokesperson for the Maine State Police. When I talked to him on the phone, I gave him my contact info first, so he could look at my Web site and do a quick check on me. That way he could see right away that I’m a “real” writer. He wasn’t able to answer all my questions, for security reasons, but I thanked him and told him I would do my best with educated guesses. 

Then I visited the capitol building and the Blaine mansion (not my first time for either, but with a writer’s eye this time). 

The administrative assistant at the Blaine House was very kind and helpful, but again, she couldn’t answer all my questions—for instance, the particular location of rooms in the family quarters. Obviously, that’s something they have to keep private. So I’ve made a lot of assumptions and conjectures, and I hope anyone who knows better will forgive me.

We meet Governor Jillian Goff on her inaugural day, but she doesn't get to continue the ceremony. Tell us what happened?

Jillian is shot at during her first press conference outside the Statehouse. As good as her security unit is, she is in danger every minute.

Who are a couple of people that come to mind for her that might want her dead?

Of course, she has political opponents. Jillian was also a criminal attorney and, before that, an assistant district attorney, so she also has lots of baddies who don’t like her.

What is one physical attribute that draws the hero and heroine to each other, and what is something deeper that continues to draw them into that other person?

Jillian sees Dave as solid and competent—someone she can depend on to protect her, but more than that, he shares her faith. In some ways, he reminds her of her late husband—the person she counted on. Dave is drawn to Jillian, who is an attractive and magnetic woman. But he sees her vulnerability, too, and longs to keep her safe.

Dave & the Governor, Jillian, are quite independent and confident, yet they almost need each other. What keeps pulling them together, and what keeps them keeping their distance?

Protocol requires them to keep their distance. Dave will lose his job if he develops a personal relationship with the person he is protecting. Jillian risks her reputation and credibility. Their growing friendship, based on common goals and faith, becomes love, and that pulls them together.

Before we let you go, could you please give us just a little nibble on your upcoming book also?

The Sheriff’s Surrender comes out in December. This is the first book in The Ladies’ Shooting Club series. The women of a mountain town in Idaho, 1885, start shooting together to learn to defend themselves. This doesn’t sit well with the men of the town. They want those women back in their kitchens. 

But a murder puts everyone on edge. The men can’t seem to stop the killer, so the women determine to become less helpless. Gert Dooley, the gunsmith’s sister, leads them in their new independence. Will the new sheriff solve the latest murder and put the club out of work, or will he surrender his heart to a crack-shot lady?

Susan, I loved Hearts in the Crosshairs and I can’t wait to get my hands on The Sheriff’s Surrender.

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Hearts in the Crosshairs sounds like an exciting, suspenseful book. I love Susan's books, so please include me in the drawing. Thanks!


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Susan Page Davis said...

Thank you all for stopping by and your kind words. I loved writing this book. Tina did a fantastic job, getting pictures of the mansion's interiors up for you to see. NOw, if I could only have sneaked a peek in the governor's bedroom. Nope! Not going to happen unless I get elected.

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I would love to win this book. I love historicals. Blessings.


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What a great interview. I loved learning about how Susan researched the Heart's in the Crosshairs.