Yeah, Man That's The Good Stuff

He's the kind of person you go for a leisurely fishing trip with and then end up talking about, and pondering, some of the deepest things in life, all in your idle chit chat. That kind of conversation stays with you for a long time. That's the kind of conversation Billy draws you into.

I don't mind that, initially, the conversation seems one-sided--it's a blog post. But, that's just what your getting into, a conversation, and not only with Billy, but with all the friends that have gathered for the same reason you came. To hear what he has to say, the way he says it--to hear how God is going to share something extraordinary, with a down-home perspective, in such an ordinary moment. And you never even had to leave your seat.

Enough of me going on. I've got two Billy posts to share today. Oh, and my apologies for being a day late on us following Billy, but my post from yesterday took a while to set up. So, come on, let's get over while the gettin's good and join the conversation!

Billy Coffey's blog - The Oak Tree

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