Character Interview with Detective Dave Hutchins - Hearts in the Crosshairs by Susan Page Davis

Happy Wednesday, folks! So glad we're together again. I hope you have a warm cup of something special that you like to drink. We're going to chat with a fun character today. Courtesy of Susan P. Davis, we have an exclusive interview with Detective Dave Hutchins, lead investigator and protector to Jillian Goff, recently elected governor of Maine in Susan's latest release Hearts in the Crosshairs.

Detective Dave Hutchins, can you tell us what happened with the Governor on her inaugural day?

Jillian Goff had just taken the oath of office and she’d stepped outside into the courtyard between the Capitol building and the state office building to address the crowd, when a sniper shot at her. Our officers rushed her into her office in the Capitol and secured the area.

What was your first impression of the Governor?

I’d seen her on television many times, but when I came face to face with her for the first time, I was struck by her graciousness, her beauty, and her vulnerability.

What is your job at the EPU, and what does EPU stand for?

The Executive Protection Unit is Maine’s special unit within the State Police to protect the governor and his/her family.

There's a second attempt on the Governor's life--what progress have you made on the case--what's your biggest setback?

It’s embarrassing to admit we didn’t have much to go on and had not solved this case quickly enough. The field of suspects was wide open. One big obstacle was Jillian’s insistence on going out in public before we had caught the killer. A lack of evidence hindered us severely. But the biggest setback was jealousy and infighting within the unit. That set us back more than anything.

Is there any way that you and the Governor can have a romantic relationship?

Not while she’s governor and I belong to the EPU. She’s a terrific governor, but some days I can’t wait until her term expires.

Have you read Susan Page Davis’s Mainely Mysteries, coming out in January? What did you think of it?

Yes, Jillian and I both read the book that Susan wrote with her daughter, Megan. The three murder mysteries in it intrigued us. They’re set in a fictional town in Maine, on the shores and islands of a large lake. The sleuths, reporter Emily Gray and her childhood sweetheart Nate Holman, did a good job of uncovering that little town’s secrets. It made me want to move to a cottage on Blue Heron Lake! We would love to retreat into the Maine wilderness, and now that they’ve got all the murders solved, the little town of Baxter should be peaceful.

Okay, dear readers, please keep your eyes open for Mainley Mysteries releasing in January 2010.

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