Pete Wilson Friday ~ Come follow along!


I love Fridays & Tuesdays. We follow two of my favorite blogs. If I don't get to go anywhere else, I visit Pete Wilson's and Billy Coffey's blogs everyday. In fact, I visit them more often than I visit my own blog! Seriously, not kidding on that.

Please follow along and bring your praying heart. We're following Pete Wilson today, and he's sharing things that are in need of our tender prayers to the One Who can answer them, the Only One.

I know I ask this time and again, but please sign up for Pete's blog. Have a look around, you'll find some great posts to make you laugh, think, and even cry--okay, maybe not the men who come here, but we ladies need a cleansing cry every now and then.

Grab a cuppa and come along to Without Wax by Pete Wilson. Just click the pic below for today's special selection from Pete's blog: Wanted: Your Prayers. Or click his name in the opening paragraph of this post and you'll be taken to the current post on his blog.

Well, they are!

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