Pete Wilson Fridays ~ Come Along!

The exciting thing was that he agreed before I'd even asked! It had to be a God-thing, because I was so nervous about asking. Why? And what is it I was going to ask, you wonder? You know I'm a follower of Billy Coffey and Pete Wilson, well, not so much them really--I follow their blogs. Great blogs. Great men with great hearts for their families, and God. I'm inviting you on Fridays to follow with me over to Pete's blog. Come on, say you'll come along!

So Pete Wilson was on my wish list for an interview. But then he said yes, he'd do an interview--almost before I asked! Now, the only problem is...I have to narrow down from 300 questions to something around a half dozen or so. Not easy. Imagine that you could ask a pastor who's passionate about Christ, passionate about people, passionate about his family--imagine that you could ask him questions about anything! You get the picture--the man with answers, and you get to ask the questions. Well, I get to ask them, LOL.

I don't know what the questions are yet, but I do know I'll ask him about his family, his church, and what he loves about people and his love for God because he's got such a heart for all those. I'll work on those questions, but for now let's follow Pete Wilson's blog, Without Wax. And while you read his post (from last week), take a moment to look over what the community readers have posted. They are really neat people, just like you. And they're waiting for you to join them.

I said it before, I'll say it again: 

If you're not subscribed to Pete's blog, I hope you'll give it a try. You can always unsubscribe. In fact, if you feel you have too much email coming to you, unsubscribe from my blog and subscribe to his. I know, I know, that's blog suicide for me, but let me just say this: It's fun to come here, sure..I hope--but his blog is fun and more than that, it's a place where hope and encouragement come regularly, not just from Pete, but also from the community he's built in his readership. There is a deeper value for you there, for your heart and your day.

I'm just saying...think about it. Click on Pete Wilson's Without Wax and see for yourself. You'll enjoy it.

You will laugh, you will ponder, you will be moved. So come on, let's go hang out at Pete's blog and poke around through some of the other posts he has up.

One more thing, very exciting! Pete has a book coming out this spring. I'll keep you posted on what sounds like a great book!

Click on Pete's pic above and we'll meet over on his blog!

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