Snarkyness, Pest Peeves, & An Unusual Giveaway

Note: If you're looking for the interview with Kathleen Y'Barbo, please check the schedule later. Kathleen is up to her elbows in rewrites (that's a good thing!) and we're going to move the interview to a later date. But, do look in the next couple of days for my review of her latest book The Confidential Life of Eugenia Cooper. I LOVED this book!

That being said, you may want to set aside your tall cool drink, or your cuppa. I'm feeling kinda--snarky. And I don't want you to blow your drink across your keyboard and all over your screen. Why? 

Because I'm going to tell you one of my pet peeves. And then, I'm going to tell you how it all went down...sort of.

Solicitors - hate 'em. They are disruptive to our precious little time, around these parts they can be aggressive, and they just won't take no for an answer. So, today I had to take matters into my own hands...

Rather than re-tell it, I just copied the IM to the one friend, SageOakWoman, who spares 5 minutes of her busting-at-the-seams day with me, as I spare her 5 minutes of my all-too-jam-packed day (you get the picture, your days are the same--too full!)

Anyway, our online conversation when like this:

Tina Dee: Hang on--knock at the door...

Tina Dee: I'm back. I answered it. Get this--

Tina Dee: An over enthusiastic whipper-snapper of a young pup greets me through my screen door. He talks through his mile-wide smile. “Hi Ma'am! Your neighbors have been seeing a lot of poisonous ants and spiders. What have you been seeing?”

Tina Dee: Mind you, I haven’t had my coffee yet. And what kind of California-grown ants are poisonous??? I'm feeling a bit snarky, so I let him have it. “I've been seeing a lot of pests, lately, mostly in the form of solicitors.”

SageOak: LOL

Tina Dee: “See my sign?” I point out to one on the front lawn.

Tina Dee: “Says I shoot every 3rd solicitor, and the 2nd one just left.”

SageOak: LOL

Tina Dee: “Hold still while I get this safety unlocked.”

Tina Dee: He passed out.

Tina Dee: When he came to...

Tina Dee: He started all over again.

Tina Dee: Tenacious little sucker, he was. Just like the ants whose mound our house is built upon.


Tina Dee: So he asks what pests I've been seeing lately (yes, again he asks!)

Tina Dee: And I say, “None, except those ones that look like praying mantises.”
Tina Dee: “OH!” he said.  Boyyyy-howdy, now he’s excited.  “How long you been seeing those?” He opens his clipboard and whips out a pen, fills out a job order form.

Tina Dee: “Well, ever since they started coming down and landing!”

Tina Dee: He looked up at me, his eyebrows pinched together. “And what time of day is that, usually?”  Heh, I've got him.

Tina Dee: “It's not during the day!”

Tina Dee: “It's at night!”

Tina Dee: He nods as he scrawls across his work order form in a furious manner. "Highly unusual! Okay. Tell me what they do?”

Tina Dee: “What they do!??!!“

Tina Dee: “Listen here! Those gigantic critters pulled me into their ship with a tracking beam and then put me on some sort of metal table! That's when it all started…right after they put that thingy in the back of my neck!”

Tina Dee: He dropped his clipboard and ran. Fast.

Tina Dee: I snatched up the clipboard, shut the door, locked it, then looked up the company’s phone number on the form.

Tina Dee: I poked the number across the phone's buttons.

Tina Dee: A lady at the other end answers and asks what kind of pests am I seeing.

Tina Dee: “Oh great, here we go again…”

Did you catch that SageOak was noticably quiet at the end of the story? She probably snuck off to pray for her mentally disturbed friend. Heh, heh...

Okay, so there's a slight embellishment or two in the story, but I'm sure most everything else he said was true, there are pests around here. 

And they knock on my door every so often.

Disclaimer: No solicitors, praying mantises, or aliens were hurt in the telling of this…story. Embellishing and lying are not condoned. Except for entertainment purposes.

Can you one-up me on this?

Now, usually folks don't answer unless I'm offering a giveaway. Fair enough. Here ya go:

Leave your comment for the giveaway!
If you're chosen, I'll send you coupons for a can of Raid or fly strips. 

Come on, don't hold back.
How about you--what are your pet peeves?

(Besides annoying posts by snarky bloggers)
Leave a comment with your email addy:
YourName [at] whatever [dot] com

You think I'm joking about the coupons, don't you?

One more thing, don't forget to leave a comment on the post 
below for a chance to win the Diamond Rio book!


Abi said...

one of my pet peeves is

Someone trying to talk to me when I in another room. Sometimes even two rooms away. Generally, radio going and pans clanking.
And they expect me to hear them.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Tina Dee Books said...

Yes, funny how that happens here too! Different families are not so different, LOL. Thanks for commenting, Abi!

Katey said...

Abi, That is an annoying pet peeve. I couldn't agree more. Today I was working on the local high school and I had to take photos of the high school students that didn't have photos. These were just for school records btw. The students were so annoying because they kept saying they already had their photo taken. It was like I was poking them with needles. No joke. I didn't want to take their photos as much as they didn't want to be there. So my pet peeve is "annoying people."


Rebecca on The Homefront said...

Boy, do I have a "pest peeve" right now...thanks to some over-ripe tomatoes slowly sinking into my counter, we have a cloud of gnats to contend with. I need to get some of those fly strips the next time I'm at the store (thanks for the reminder!)

Oh, and Tina I can't thank you enough for that wonderful package you sent me. You're such a sweetheart. *hugs*

SageOak Woman said...

Well my friend, now you've gone and done it. What possesed you to open the gates to THAT corral? You may never be able to round up them ponies into a nice tidy herd again. What's that you say...? I made you do it? P'shaw! Surely not I? :D

Fly strips are in the barn if you need them for your giveaway. I think I even have some that I can send pre-loaded with flies for ya if ya like.

Tina Dee Books said...

Katey, LOL. Maybe you should bring something pokey for those teens. So much emphasis given to the 'terrible two's' but I think there are some (some) that would qualify as 'terrible teens'. Thankfully, it should only be a phase.

I hope someone treats you to some ice cream. In the meantime, a little fly paper to the back of their shirts as you guide them out the door from their photo shoot...heh, heh...

Tina Dee Books said...

Rebecca, how I miss visiting you! I get around to Billy and Pastor Pete's blog, and always promise myself to yours, but haven't done it yet, and I miss ya!

You are so welcome for those books. I was hoping they'd keep you company till hero hubby got home, and he's home! YAY! Please tell him that we so appreciate him doing what we couldn't handle doing for half a day. And you and the kids too, for being home and faithful.

I have to have you guest blog sometime. I hope you will!


Tina Dee Books said...

SageOak Woman, girl, you are crazier than I am, I don't know what you're talking about!

Hey, Katey could use some of those fly strips, but she'll have to chime in about whether she wants fresh or pre-loaded.

Thanks for coming around! And thanks for letting me drive (you crazy).

Love you!

Katey said...

Well, I am almost done with taking pictures. I think I have about 15 more students to take pictures of. I really do hope they will be in a better mood on Tuesday. :)

Tina, I found out about the Pioneer woman website from looking at yours. Have you looked at the blogger who cooks (I think his is called reverb. He did some cooking posts for Ree. I think if you haven't see his blog you would also enjoy it. I'm sure you have seen it though. :)

Tina Dee Books said...


OMG--gotta overnight that fly paper to ya! LOL!

No, I haven't seen his blog, but if I can't find it, I'll let you know and ask for his url.

Did you notice Pioneer Woman has a cooking network? It's up on the right hand side of her navigator bar (friend me if you join it). It's incredible there. 700+ pages of recipes people are sharing.

Also, I'm trying really hard to get a couple of her cookbooks for giveaways (and if I'm lucky, ha!) a interview with her.

See? I'm working hard for you all! I wish I could give everybody prizes all the time!

Have a blessed weekend. Katey, LOL, don't grind your teeth down Tuesday trying to get through the afternoon photo shoot. I'll be thinking and praying for ya!

Katey said...

I will try not to grind my teeth. I hope you have a great weekend also. Here is the link to the recipes that Pastor Ryan has made for Ree.

Here is the link to his blog.

I think I seen somewhere a photo of Pete Wilson and this Pastor Ryan. I can't seem to find it. It is going to drive me nuts until I find it.

I love Tasty Kitchen! I never signed up for it, but I might have to.

Have a great evening!