Billy Coffey's $10 Challenge - Forget Paying It Forward...Keep It Circling Around

I'm so glad you dropped in for a quick visit! I know you're still full from yesterday's Thanksgiving feast, and yet, somehow ready to dive into the leftovers today.

I read another great post today by our friend Billy Coffey. What say we go pay him a visit? Just click the pic to the right and we'll make it there together. It's a wonderful post that reads quickly. I'm asking you for just a moment. God's really given this man the gift to tell a great story, to stir a heart with his words.

So, come, let your heart be stirred this morning. Grab a cuppa, and sure, a sliver of leftover pumpkin pie [I won't tell anyone!] and let's hop over to Billy's and read about The $10 Challenge. LOL--no, he's not asking for money. He knows the squeeze our wallets have been under.

If you like this post, or any of Billy's previous posts, would you please consider subscribing to his blog? I promise you won't be sorry. And, like I've said in the past, if it comes down to you receiving too much in your inbox, unsubscribe from mine and subscribe to his instead. I'm not kidding. God's really speaking through this man's writing. If you enjoy his posts, please retweet them, facebook them, and forward your email post subscriptions--or his blog url--to your friends. You won't be sorry. And they'll thank you. It's happened to me.

Lord bless your holidays, your families.

We're praying about this challenge in our family--How we can partner with God in this?
Anybody you might come across that could use this blessing?

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