NaNoWriMo - A really fun vid of your favorite authors

Many of you are writer friends and understand how intimidating a blank page can be. But some of you are reader friends and can only guess what writers go through getting a story down on a page.

Every November writers gather online for NaNoWriMo and encourage each other to meet a certain word count every day for the entire month, so that by end of month they have a completed novel or something close to it. Not a finished novel, since flaws will abound when you're doing nothing but writing, writing, writing--no editing, no family trips, even no sickness if you can manage it. It's the month when participating writers drop a hefty care package in the center of the family room and tell their family with great love: You're on your own for the next 30 days--I'm writing.

And somehow, those families survive. But the writers...well, that's another story, LOL. I'm not participating in NaNoWriMo, but here are a few writer friends who are. This little vid depicts how many authors approach that ever intimidating blank page. It ain't pretty folks. Enjoy.

So...what do you usually do to avoid a task you should be doing?
I'll answer this later in the comments. 

But for now, feel free to share what you do.


Pamela J said...

I'm not an author (well, does a few unpublished devotionals count?) but I do have other things I'd rather do than what I should be doing. During anytime of the year (not counting income tax prep time) pretty much anything else gets put ahead of dishes. During income tax prep time, dishes almost ALWAYS comes first.
(Dishes being next to the bottom, income tax prep being the bottom of the whole list)

This past three months I decided to put myself on the shelf and just pay attention to what needed to be done, including dishes (when other things were done) before reading the current book waiting by my easy chair. It took almost TWO MONTHS to finish that ONE book!! Usually, that size book would last a day, two at tops, when other things were put on hold to read.

May I turn the question around a little? "What do I usually do in spite of any task I should be doing?" I MUCH prefer to read. If I did what I WANTED to do, I'd be despirately searching for the next book to read and all that I have waiting, TBR stack, would be on the FRP (FINISHED READING PILE).

You GO, authors!! I have loved them all that I've read so far.

Pam Williams

Tina Dee Books said...

Dishes? Oh Pam, let's not say that word out loud, LOL.

I'm sure I mentally justify everything I do to avoid writing, and yet, if I don't write I wither.

When I'm done writing a piece, it feels just like crossing the finish line in a marathon.

Right now, ch 5 of Love's Gamble awaits fixing, and me? Well, I'm...I'm here!

I'd better go make life really hard for 'one woman and two men'.

And goodness, keep your voice hushed if you must mention dishes. Heh, heh...

A J Hawke said...

Why were those authors imitating me? A fun video because it is so true.

I am not participating in the offical NaNoWriMo but I am trying to do 50,000 in order to finish another novel. The first week of Nov I did 1,000 by actively doing everything in the video. Time to get control and get writing.

Looking for Chapter five, Tina.


Tina Dee Books said...

Hi AJ!

Thanks for the enouragement & nudge!

Maybe we could make our own video, LOL.

Happy writing, my friend!

Nancy E. Mink said...

Yes, that is me in that video. Well, not really me, but it could be!I paint illustrations and they talk to me. I take drives through the countryside, stopping along the way at interesting homes, nurseries and quaint shops for inspiration. What is behind that door? Who would ever buy that? The story unfolds as I sketch. What if? Story lines appear as watercolors hit the paper. Suddenly, I have to get to the computer to write or the words will build up and explode and I'll be left with a blank page again.

Ginny H. said...

I loved the clip and the music is encouraging too!

As for me, I read blogs, send emails, and reread chapters I've written. I do all of this while eating dark chocolate M&M's and or chocolate fudge Pop Tarts.

Oh,I also read my notes taped to my computer screen about staying focused. ;)

Tina Dee Books said...

When I'm supposed to be writing, I'm doing something else, like folding laundry and mentally 'plotting' (yeah, right).

I honestly can't account for that time, except to answer emails, comment on blogs, write blogs (no, that DOESN'T count as writing, LOL--some people say it does, but that's too easy an out). And if I don't do any creative writing (by disciplining myself to sit and write) I end up penning stupid/silly song lyrics.

Thankfully, I have a loving and firm crit partner who knows when to nudge and when to push--thank you for her, LORD!