Pete Wilson Fridays - Come Along


Welcome to Friday, friends! Wouldn't it be fun to meet at a coffee house and chat about the books we're reading, have read, and want to read? I'd love that real-world visit with you all.

Speaking of books, and Pete Wilson (since it is Pete Wilson Friday here), I hope you'll keep your eye out for Pete's book coming in 2010. We'll invite him over for a visit and chat. What's the book about? Ah-ah-ahhh...not yet. Soon...but for now, I want to share my favorite post with from Without Wax. This one posted last week. I really like how Pete can take you out of the run and settle you down into a meaningful moment, bring us back to being heavenly-minded folk.

Click on Pete's pic above to follow me over!

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KC Frantzen said...

Reaching people of other faiths is what we are commanded to do as Christians. If we truly believe the Bible, and that Jesus Christ is truly the way of salvation, then by definition this is exactly what we are supposed to be doing! What a blessing for each of us as well. People are searching. I hope I'm ready with an answer... Thank you for your thoughtful insight!