SNOWFLAKE PRO Deal by Randy Ingermanson - It's a steal--I mean deal!

Oh my goodness! I have to, HAVE TO, interrupt myself current post and put up a new post early today.


Because, [looking around consipiratorially] shhhhh...because my friend and writing mentor (gosh, he's really everybody's friend and writing mentor) Randy Ingermanson is crazy. Crazy! Shhh! Keep it down...he'll hear us...and, I say we capitalize on his 'crazy' while we can! YES! SHHH!

First, if you don't know who Randy is, then let me tell you, if you ever want to be a writer, you'll want to get his ezine, which you can sign up for here at Advanced Fiction Writing.

Next, I want you to know that one of the only reasons I'm writing is because God put this godly man in my path. He used Randy through his blog, his Advanced Fiction Writing ezine, and an afternoon of lunch with him and two other writers, where he told us about ACFW and Mt. Hermon's writers conference. This changed the path of my writing life greatly. I have learned things that pushed me light years ahead of where I would be had I not met him--all because he loves fiction and he loves people and he loves to teach people how to write fiction.

If you're a writer, or wish you could dare to dream of writing, you should go visit Randy's blog and sign up for that ezine.

Now, about that special he's running...he's got a program called SNOFLAKE PRO that will help you organize your work for seeing the big picture; understanding your characters; getting your scenes lined up; and the coup de grat, at the press of a button, it will help you CREATE A PROPOSAL! Shhh... Golly, you can't even hire a monkey to type a proposal for that cheap!

But wait!!!

That's not the crazy part. Here's the crazy of Randy:

He sells this SNOWFLAKE PRO normally for about $100 bucks--do you know how many years people toil to learn this stuff going through books, attending conferences, sitting in writers groups? Years...years... And the money you'd spend along the way, oh my! With the SPECIAL he's running till Friday night it's a steal, I mean a deal!

But wait again!!!

Crazy Randy is practically giving this away at $20, YES, only $20 bucks!  TWENTY. That's all. Now, tell me he's not crazy. He wrote the program (he's a [mad] scientist and writes software programs) and I hear it's excellent. Want to see it? You can visit his page by clicking here.

Don't just dream about writing, go look at this program and know that it truly is a steal, I mean a deal.

I don't know about you, but nowadays, we're looking for steals or deals, LOL.

Go check out all the info on Randy's SNOWFLAKE PRO program, you won't be sorry. It's practically impossible to buy a book on writing for that price! Let alone, one that helps you in the daunting task of writing your proposal (eww). Gotta go now dear friends, to get my steal, I mean deal.

XOXO to you all!


brendalottakamaggiebrendan said...

I love the new look of your blog.

I met Randy in Denver ACFW conf. (I'm sure he doesn't remember me) but he is smart, witty and charming! I don't use his snowflake method but I know many that do.

Tina Dee Books said...

He is such a gentleman and always helping someone. I'd love to sit in on his Male POV classes. There are tapes or mp3s out there of it.

So glad you got to meet Randy!