Pete Wilson: The 31 Day Challenge ~ Are you in?

I'm not back yet from family holiday, but I wanted to sneak in a quick invite to you all--one I'm pretty excited about.

Instead of just following Pete Wilson's Without Wax blog on Fridays throughout the month of January, I'm inviting you to come along, at Pete's invitation for his challenge to read through a chapter of Proverbs every day. Then, we'll share our thoughts and what we've learned with others on an online community he's set up especially for this.

Pete's book Plan B will be released this Spring
through Thomas Nelson Publishing

To pre-order Pete's book
click on the cover pic above or click here.

To read Pete's blog Without Wax
(one of my favs)
click the pic of him or click here.

To join The 31 Day Challenge (I hope you will!)
click The 31 Day Challenge icon or click here.

Come along, we'll search God's Word
and have great discussions!

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