Shepherd's Pie - Crazy Monday Recipe!

Crazy Monday Recipe day!

Cold wintery weather is called for all week where we live. There's a big storm hitting us. Cold and stormy weather--that always puts me in the mood for comfort food. One of our favorites is Shepherd's Pie.

Hubby and I first got the recipe from a Bed & Breakfast Inn cookbook. The recipe was different from any we'd tried before, so we made it and through the years we've modified it here and there. We used to assemble the layers then pop it into the oven for a half hour (350 degrees), but simplifying it now, we just use a large skillet and cook it on the stove top.

Here's our latest version:

Shepherd's Pie

~ Mashed Potatoes
~ Seasoned and browned Ground Beef or Ground Turkey (Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder)
~ 1 Package of powdered gravy - we use beef or au jus flavor
~ Shredded cheddar cheese
~ Mixed veggies, cooked (we microwave frozen veggies)

Everything is measured out according to taste. So, make at least a pound of browned meat, and we used four large potatoes for mashing. We used just under two cups of cheese, and a serving bowl of veggies (sorry, we don't measure and I didn't think to for this recipe, LOL).

Brown meat and seasoning (salt, pepper, garlic) to taste.
Add 1/2 to whole packet of gravy plus 2/3 cup of water,
depending on how much gravy you want.

Add a layer of cheddar cheese, spread evenly.
Turn fire down to low.

Add hot veggies and spread evenly.

Add another layer of cheese, spread evenly.

Add hot mashed potatoes, spread evenly.
(Use microwave to warm them if you need to)
Cover and let heat for about five minutes.

Serve hot, with extra pepper and season salt,
if you want.

What's your comfort food
on a cold wintery day?


Lee Smith said...

That looks wonderful!

Tina Dee Books said...

Hi Lee,

It is so good, especially on a cold and rainy day like today.

After it's served, we add a little more pepper and season salt to taste. And, we use ground turkey, to cut some of the fat (actually, to balance out how much cheese we add, LOL!)

Improbable Aid said...

Can a son get a share? It looks so good I couldn't help but ask.

Tina Dee Books said...



SageOak Woman said...

As much as I love shepherds pie... my favorite comfort food is potpie or a savory potato soup (you can do just about anything with potatoe soup)

mombloggity said...

Can a sister get a share? I'm hungry just looking at it!

Tina Dee Books said...

It's good stuff! Especially when it's cold out, like it's been lately.

Merry Christmas everyone!