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I hope you'll fall back into a cozy chair, pick up the beverage you enjoy sipping and refresh yourself today in making a new friend, at least I hope Mitch McVicker will feel like a friend before the end of our visit with him, so much so that I hope you'll want to support him by asking your church to invite him out for a concert. Don't let the word concert scare you though, Mitch is as down to earth as they come. In fact, if you've ever seen and enjoyed Rich Mullins in concert, you'll feel right at home with Mitch's way of doing things. Simple, grassroots, honest, and fun.

For those of you not familiar with Mitch, does his name ring a bell? It might. 

Think back to that day you heard about the accident involving Rich Mullins and another guy--his friend/bandmate. 

The other guy in the accident? 

The accident that took Rich Mullins threatened to cut the strings on Mitch's life. While we mourned the death of Rich, we prayed for his friend who laid in a coma in a hospital. The accident we call tragic, I think Mitch might define as pivotal.

Well, best for me to hush so we can visit with Mitch. As you'll see in the pics, vids, and our interview, Mitch is a pretty laid-back kind of guy. I've left his responses exactly as I received them (with the exception of one typo and bolding the album name/song name). You'll see that Mitch has a love and ever deep respect for the One who holds his life. And he's living it to show it. 

This interview is coming in two parts, catch the second part Wednesday, this week.

Before we get started, I noticed a funny little thing and can't stop wondering about it, but I forgot to ask Mitch...notice the pink flamingo in the following pics? I never did find out what it was for...


Here's my 'chat' with Mitch (his responses are in blue)...

Obviously, all the songs on Always Believe are pretty special, but which one really resonates with you and where your life's path has taken you, and why?

15 minutes.  it's the closest i have come to saying what i want to say in a song.  it is my desire to truly live out and believe the notion that my faith, my motives, my being is not effected by life's circumstances.  

"it don't matter if the sun is shining, it don't matter if it rains"  my identity is rooted much deeper than that

Where'd you record this album and what was unique about the place?

i recorded at greenjeens studio in wellington, kansas, a small rural town.  it's a state of the art studio in a real old building.  it's just a couple of rooms with creaky doors and creaky floors.  it's the kind of place you want to be when you are really creating.  

there's a ton of real, everyday history there.  a ton of real life has been lived in that space. wellington is real simple in the grandest sense (it touts itself as the "wheat capital of the world").  there isn't a lot to distract you from your objective, your purpose.  

i have recorded in some super, pristine, shiny studios.  but it's hard to get a sense of any lifeblood pumping through those places.  that's what was significant about greenjeans.

We've just passed the 12th(?) year anniversary of your car wreck in which your dear friend, mentor, and roommate, Rich Mullins, was taken. We're so glad you're here with us, still making incredible music. What has that journey been like for you, recovering from severe injuries, missing your friend, moving forward in life?

it's hard to put that into a simple paragraph.  it basically comes down to the lord doing his thing in the way he always does.  in the way he has worked through all of us over the entire span of history.  he brings good from what we deem to be not good.  

Let's look back on a moment you and Rich and a few friends shared on stage a while back. Rich is on the right in white, Mitch is 2nd from the left in a black t-shirt.

i miss rich, but i am glad for how things have worked out for him!  in one instance everything he was trying to attain with his life, being in communion with god, was achieved.  i'm glad i get to stick around and get another chance to grow, love, follow, live.  the journey has been scary...especially initially when i had no idea of what would come of my life...recovering from a closed head injury that had me in a coma (and effects everything for years and years), collapsed lungs, double vision, and a voice knocked down to about 15%.  

my life was completely altered from where i thought it was heading...i mean i was on the verge of record contracts, and continuing to do bigger and better concerts.  now, i truly had to be open.  things were out of my control.  i had to let go.  there was no way i could will myself back to the point i wanted to be.  yet, i had no doubt that i was going to be in this spot, doing what i feel called to do.  but i had too narrow of vision.  there is so much more than i had ever suspected.  the lord's faithfulness persists when mine lacks.    

You were on the road touring for Always Believe when that anniversary passed a few days ago, and how was that for you?

frankly, its a day on the calendar.  the date is significant in terms of the calendar but, i miss rich like i miss him everyday.  i celebrate rich's life on that day like i do everyday. i am reminded of the lord's faithfulness and grace and love and construction of me, but that is my desire all days.  the anniversary is a benchmark in my life...and forever will be. but it has evolved over the years. i used to receive tons of calls and letters from all kinds of people on the anniversary.  now, not so much...maybe, a couple emails.   

each year when the anniversary passes, generally i am finishing up doing a concert.  i wouldn't want it any other way.  rich wouldn't either.  and, hopefully, god shares the same sentiment as well.  

getting to be on the always believe tour was signicant.  because this cd is the most complete expression of me, and the lord has invested much in bringing me to this point.     

What is the most profound thing God has impressed on you in life in the last 12 years?

"cup or cone?"  i think that will be the lord's first question.  when his glory is finally and ultimately revealed, when i am fully me, when i am seeing him face to face, "cup or cone?"  

I believe I'll have both Mitch, but let's start with this!

If only! While we enjoy the thought of "cup or cone," please enjoy this song by Mitch--and what a relaxing venue! Oh, and there's that pink flamingo again, LOL...

Mitch is a GMA Dove award-winning Contemporary Christian Music Artist. But more than that, he's a man who is loved by his family and friends, loved by God. And he's eager to allow that love to pour out over those who need God's love. 

In a world gone wrong, thank God for that. And, thank you God for Mitch.

For a chance to win a copy of a Mitch McVicker CD, just have your church or local coffee house book him for a concert--well, not really, but that would be great if you did! 

For a real chance to win a copy of Mitch's CD Always Believe this week (yes, we're having a Mitch McVicker contest every week in the month of February 2010), go to Mitch's album page and listen to his songs. Then finish this phrase correctly, leaving the answer here in the comments section below.

Here's the song lyric to finish as it is on the album (fill in the blanks):

I've been a scoundrel 
Living down by the quarry 
But you ______ ______ _____ _______ _______  
Now, you're making more of me than I thought I'd ever be... 

Don't forget to drop by again on Wednesday 
for the rest of our interview with Mitch.  

To hear samples from Mitch's albums, click here.


WKen said...

I love Mitch McVicker!

The flamingo, by the way, is in his collection of props on which he might thump or strum to record background loops in some of his songs.

I think he thumped it in time for the loop in "Stargazer." I couldn't swear to that.

Because I'd love to shoot for the free CD, though (I own the rest of his -- including "Canticle of the Plains"):

lift me up that hill

Tina Dee Books said...

Thanks for stopping by WK! And thanks for clearing up the mystery about the pink flamingo! LOL.

Mitch is a really neat guy. I hope to meet him at a concert one day, imagine listening to him live. I'm pressing to see if we can get him out here on the west coast in a few of the local churches. Would be so great.

Been to any of his concerts?

You're entered for the giveaway, friend!

WKen said...

Yes, I have seen him. Twice.

Once he played at a church in Barrington, NH and another time he played a little coffee house in Rochester. He's coming back to Rochester this May. We missed him at the July 4 fireworks last year.

Yes, we're real Mitch McVicker fans in my family.

I've reviewed two of his concerts and blogged about him before in my recently-(maybe)-abandoned blog:

Tina Dee Books said...

LOL--Thank so much for sharing the link to your blog--if you don't mind, I'll add that in the sidebar tomorrow and ask folks to visit. Would love to share anything about Mitch, his music, and ministry with others.

Working REALLY hard not to envy that you've seen him twice in concert, LOL. But glad you got to!

I'm going to ask him to drop by and leave a comment or two for us.

Thanks again for sharing your blog w/us, I'm looking forward to reading it.

amy lynn said...

You have to experience the joy of what the pink flamingo (and the rest of the interesting things on the table!) is in person - you have to see Mitch play live! It's such a great show. Unique, joyful... the man can REALLY sing, etc etc good stuff.
"Always Believe" is the best thing i have heard from anyone in years. My Mother and I both are wondering if you can actually play a CD so many times it stops working (there's a better phrase for that but migraines are no respecters of adjectives) - and we're both happily testing that theory! :)

Ginny H. said...

Another great interview! I'd heard his name before, but I hadn’t heard his music before. What a treat! Hubby and I are going to get a CD the traditional way; which blesses him in his ministry. ;)

Tina Dee Books said...

Yes, it does bless him. Thank you, Ginny!

The self-titled and also Canticle of the Plains has Rich Mullins on them, I believe.

Love Mitch's music. Everyone loves The Lemonade Song. Just practical love and living out that love. I think about that song every time I think about Adirondack chairs and sitting by a lake sipping lemonade--I'd love to do that one day.

Enjoy Mitch's music! Second half of the interview is Wednesday. xoxo!

Edna said...

He is a one man band and I would like to win his CD


Tina Dee Books said...

Hi Edna! Yes, he is a one man band! I'd love to share an email or two about folks who have been to his concerts, he's very loved, and not just as a musician, he's a very loved person because there's an authenticity about him. He's got a faithful and growing community of...well, not really fans, he makes friends more than fans.

You're entered for the giveaway, thanks for dropping by--the rest of his interview is tomorrow. Hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

great music/lyrics/message...