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I'm excited and I hope you will be too! Mary Connealy is joining us and she brought the hero, Silas Harden, from her latest release THE HUSBAND TREE. If you haven't read THE HUSBAND TREE yet, I highly recommend it. It was my favorite read of 2009 and one of my all-time favorite books. 

I'm reading it for the fourth time this week in our online book club--I hope you'll join us! We've got a treat for one lucky book club reader--at the end of reading THE HUSBAND TREE one of our book club participants will have her choice of one of Mary's previously released books as a prize. So if you'd like to join the fun and be in on that giveaway, join us at Inspirational Romance online book clubs network, go to the DISCUSSION for THE HUSBAND TREE. Mary will also drop by here and there on our discussions, so that will be a lot of fun! Since we're doing this book club online, you can drop by anytime of the day to leave a comment/reply for the book club, it's all at your convenience. So, take a moment and join us there.

Let's enjoy our time with Silas Harden, handsome hero from THE HUSBAND TREE...

Silas, we won't go into too many details about where you worked just before meeting Belle Tanner, but what kind of work do you do/have you done in the past?

I've been a rancher all my adult life. I started a nice little spread in Arizona and got driven out by the Lincoln County Wars, then I moved on to New Mexico and started up again, only to abandon it to escape the noose of matrimony in a trumped up shot gun wedding.

How'd you come to work for Belle at the Tanner ranch?
She sat down beside me in a diner in Divide, Montana. I'd been drifting a long time, living off the land and doing fine. Then here comes a woman, a WOMAN hiring men for a cattle drive. Inside I was thinking it was crazy but my mouth opened up and asked for a job without my brain giving it the go ahead to do such. I think it was her pretty hazel eyes that made me do such a fool thing.

You pretty much had a rifle pointed at you on the ranch--care to tell us whose finger was on the trigger and why the rifle was aimed at you?

One of Belle's daughter threatened to shoot me because I was yelling at Belle for planning to take her four little girls—one of 'em wearing diapers—on a cattle drive. Now I'm not criticizing the girl. I'd expect her to pull a gun on any man who laid his hands on their ma. But I wasn't about to hurt her. It caused me considerable shame that the young'un thought I might, especially when she said a man had hurt Belle before.

And after Lindsay went back inside with her rifle, I controlled the urge to yell at Belle some more which was a big mistake, because before you know it, I was kissing her instead. And then here came Lindsay back with the blasted fire iron.

You're heading out on trail with an interesting crew. Tell us about them and what you think is in store for you on this drive. Do you foresee any problems?

Problems? I'm going to be doing the work of five or six men for a month. I won't have time to sleep or eat or think. Belle claims she's a good cowhand and her daughters will pull their weight but I don't believe that for a moment. I'm going to be lucky to get us all through this drive alive.

At this point, what are your plans once you finish this drive?

I figure once I get one thousand head of cattle and five cantankerous women to Helena, the word will get out that I went on a cattle drive with a breast feeding, diaper wearing baby and every man in the west will know me on sight and laugh his head off.

I might as well go ahead and shoot myself to speed up the process of being embarrassed to death.

I guess that's my plan.

Thank you Silas, for stopping by. I know you've got a ranch to get back to so we appreciate you dropping by. In fact, we don't mind a handsome cowboy dropping by anytime!

The Husband Tree - Available Now!

Belle Tanner buries her third worthless husband and makes a vow over his shallow grave. She’s learned her lesson. No more men.

Silas Harden just lost his second ranch because of a woman. The first deserted him when times got tough. Now he’s had to quit the whole state of New Mexico to avoid a trumped-up shotgun wedding and the noose of matrimony. He’s learned his lesson. No more women.

Belle needs hired hands to move a cattle herd late in the season and there’s no one around but seemingly aimless Silas. She hires him reluctantly.

Silas signed on, glad for the work, though worried about a woman doing such a thing as hiring drovers, only to find out he’s the lone man going with five woman, including a baby still in diapers. After the cattle drive is over, he might as well shoot himself to speed up the process of being embarrassed to death.

A fast approaching winter.

The toughest lady rancher you’ve ever seen.

A cynical cowboy who has to convince five women he’s right for their ma. . .and then convince himself.

And one thousand head of the crankiest cattle who have ever been punched across the backbone of the Rockies.


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