Saddle Up & Ride Along!

Please join us at the Inspirational Romance book clubs network (you can join by clicking on the group in the sidebar on this site--under Pastor Pete Wilson's picture). 

ADDED Saturday a.m.:  BTW--I just checked and this book is selling for a steal on Amazon, under $8.00! It's worth every penny, too! [so get yours now!]

Also, just to provide full disclosure here, there are some obvious subliminal messages laced throughout this post--following them, I must warn you, may result in you buying Mary's books, laughing so hard you fall out of chairs and break your tailbone, start giggling helplessly in church if you let your mind wander to her stories, holing up yourself in your backyard shed to escape reality and live vicariously through Belle Tanner--not that I've done any of those things...lately...or still...

We're reading Mary Connealy's THE HUSBAND TREE [you want this book! Get it now, while supplies last]. Several folks hadn't received their books by April 1st, so we adjusted our book club reading to start Saturday, April 17th [meet us there, you know you want to].

If you've already read this book come on over and join us in the chat!

If Mary's schedule permits, she'll drop by to chat with the book club (we all just leave comments/replies so it's very convenient for our schedules), but she's all over the map with book signings right now, so we'll see if we can lasso her to join us here and there [but you know she'll drop by just to talk to YOU]. She's also giving away one of her previously released books at the end of the book club's reading of THE HUSBAND TREE, so come join us! All you have to do to be entered is chat up a storm with us on the book club for THE HUSBAND TREE [you'll wish you were walking in Belle Tanner's boots--and if you're a man, you'll be thankful you're not under her husband tree, lol].

By the way, Mary's new book, WILDFLOWER BRIDE, releases May 2010! So join us for reading THE HUSBAND TREE and you'll be ready just in time for WILDFLOWER BRIDE!

And if you think Mary's books are funny, you should also sign up for her newsletter here, they're a hoot! She doesn't send them out very often--only when she's releasing a new book, but that's okay, it doesn't mean she doesn't love you, just means she needs to write faster (wink!)

I was not paid or compensated in exchange for the subliminal tracks in this post, but I do enjoy laughing and laughter and that is the contagious result of reading Mary's books. I hope you know this for a personal fact, otherwise, you have my sympathy. 

Life should be fun and funny when possible (Lord knows there's so much otherwise in the world), so read a Mary Connealy book and laugh, laugh out long and hard, and then tell a friend how much you enjoyed the read.

Lord bless your weekend! And, come meet with us in the book club!


Juju at Tales of said...

Amen. I LOVED this book and can't wait for Wildflower Bride :)

A J Hawke said...

I just finished reading MONTANA ROSE and have THE HUSBAND TREE in the wings waiting to be read. I have enjoyed all of Mary Connealy's books that I've read so far. If I can get my act together, I'll try to get over to the book club and chat about the book.

Why am I so compelled to read this book? And to visit the book club? Am I falling into a subliminal suggestion ...

A J Hawke

abi said...

sunshine award ~ awarded to you

Pick up your award here

Casey said...

Hmm, looks like Abi beat me to it. Here's is the same award on my blog. :D

CherryBlossomMJ said...

I love this series (as well as everything from Mary). Just posted my review of Wildflower Bride today.