Crazy Monday Recipe...on a Wednesday! - Strawberry Cream Stuffed French Toast

Oh, life! What craziness life can bring. But you're right there with me, aren't you? We're all in this together, and we'll all walk each other through it. I could use your prayers, my requests will remain unspoken, many of you already know what madness has let loose. But that's okay, let it loose, God is in control. I'm so thankful for that, aren't you?

Since it's been a while I wanted to do something fun with you today. So instead of waiting till next Monday, I'm posting our Crazy Monday Recipe today...yummy Strawberry Cream Stuffed French Toast! Okay, okay, I admit it--I pirated the recipe from a Tasty Kitchen friend, so I'll give you her page url at the end of this post so you can see what a lovely food photographer she is and what this recipe would look like made by the hands of a real cook!

Me? I could mess up making a tray of ice...but that's another story. For now, enjoy this:

Strawberry Cream Stuffed French Toast

Bread & cream stuffing:
- 1 loaf of french bread, cut into 2 inch thick slices
- An 8 oz pkg. cream cheese, room temperature
- 4 oz of Mascarpone cheese
- 2 heaping Tbsp powdered sugar
- 1 1/2 heaping tsp of strawberry preserves
- 1 1/4 cups chopped fresh strawberries

Mix all of the above in a large bowl. Refrigerate while you prepare the bread and egg dip. 

Egg dip:
6 eggs
1 Tbsp vanilla
a splash of milk
Whisk together egg dip ingredients.

You'll also need butter (for frying pan).

Cut a slit in the bottom of your 2 inch thick bread, to make a pocket (don't cut all the way through, you just want deep enough to make a large pocket).

Carefully stuff the strawberry cream into the pockets. Lay one side of the stuffed bread into your egg dip, then turn over. Add to a buttered frying pan, cooking at medium-low heat. Turn over once that side is done and cook the other side. Add more butter to the pan when you add a new batch of french toast. Add more cinnamon as needed to your egg dip. Mind tends to stick to the first couple then I need to add more cinnamon.

Serve with powdered sugar sprinkled on top...and a knife and fork.

Thanks for stopping by, I promise not to be away so long again.



And, as promised, here's the fun food site where I picked up this recipe. I hope you'll enjoy your visit with Alice at Savory Sweet Life. I love this site, her fantastic food photos, and her recipes! This link will take you to her page for the above recipe--mine pales by comparison!


Tina Dee Books said...

BTW, when you visit Alice's site page for this recipe, you'll see I make this differently by adding mascarpone, and a few other little things. Try either or both recipes, but do go look at hers! Your mouth will water!

abi said...

Oh, looks yummy!

what is Mascarpone cheese? Never heard of that. Where do you find it? What part of the

A J Hawke said...

Hi Tina,

Not fair. I started a diet this week and now I am seriously thinking of breaking it. This looks absolutely yummy.

Glad to see you back in the saddle. I've been sending prayers up for you.

I am sending you a link to Jenny B Jones blog of yesterday for little Tigger. It is laugh out loud funny.
I think he will enjoy it.

A J Hawke

Tina Dee Books said...

Thanks, A.J.!

This is definitely nice for a brunch, it makes the whole loaf and then some!

Ideas for cutting the fat grams:

Use Egg Beaters for the egg dip, and cut the butter completely and use butter-flavored Pam on a non-stick pan, and use non-fat cream cheese, that should cut a larger percentage of the fat in the recipe. I keep meaning to put the lower-fat versions on the posts also, since I'm watching fat grams, but forgot this time. Thanks for the reminder!

I'll have to have you on as a guest sometime, I'd love to have you share some of your knowledge on the old west with folks here.

Visit AJ's fun site at:

Love your visits, AJ!

Tina Dee Books said...

Hi Abi,

Mascarpone cheese is located in the dairy/cheese section. You can usually find it in the odd/exotic cheeses or around the Italian cheeses, such as ricotta (it's sold in a tub similar to margarine containers). It's like a creamy softer cream cheese consistency, but the flavor is very mild and it brings down some of the tang in the cream cheese.

I highly recommend trying it if you can find it, if not, try ricotta, or small curd cottage cheese that you've drained so it's dryer.

Thanks for stopping by sweetie! I think you'll enjoy the recipe!


Tina Dee Books said...

BTW, thanks for your payers. Another biopsy, for the other side, scheduled end of next week.