Lil Tiger's Vegetable Garden

Yes, we're visiting again--I said I wouldn't stay away for so long again, I meant it. I miss you all when we're not visiting. 

Lot's going on lately and Lil Tiger (my 8 yr. old son) wanted to share one of his projects with you. For a couple of years our family has wanted to grow a large vegetable garden. Then, our school science project tied in nicely with starting one. We also started a flower garden, but that's something Lil Tiger will share during another visit with you.

Here's a peek at Lil Tiger's garden project (with a lot of help from daddy and some watering assistance from mommy). This was great, because he's actually eating the vegetables we're growing and he believes them to be tastier than what we can get at the local grocer--and he's right!

Here's his garden about a month and a half ago, at first planting:

Here's his garden about a week ago (maybe two):

Here's his garden today:

In case you didn't recognize them he's growing
sweet corn, spinach, green beans, sweet peas, 
three kinds of tomatoes, red leaf lettuce, and cucumbers.

Sounds like the makings for a great salad!

How about you? What's in your garden?

Any gardening questions for Lil Tiger?
I'll post his answers!


Tina Dee Books said...

I don't know why my dirt comes out pink in the pictures, really, it's just dirt colored in real life, LOL.

Lil Tiger's mom

Maureen said...

What a beautiful garden! Our plants are not in the ground yet...been to cold! Love that your using the marigolds for the insect control!!
Great Job!

Carole said...

I love your garden pictures, Tina! The experience of gardening will be great for your son, not to mention how much better home-grown veggies are.

My husband had to take medical retirement due to several health problems and having a garden has almost become therapy for him. He and our neighbor are working together on what I consider to be a large garden. As to what all is planted, I think that if it will grow in Georgia, it's in our backyard!

Tina Dee Books said...


Our garden is approximately 10x10 to 10x12, I think we started out with 10x12, but dear daddy did all the tough work of turning our rock hard soil, then breaking up the clay underneath, then pulling roots, then amending and turning the soil again, LOL, I think he rewarded himself by cutting 2 feet down on the garden size--HA!

I love the idea of growing a garden with the neighbor! If you ever post pictures, let me know, I'll put up a link to them.

Thanks for visiting!

Tina Dee Books said...


I loved the marigolds, wanted to put out more (we have them!), but think I'll use them in the flower garden (the poor things are still in the container tray from the store!) and put them around my hollyhocks. It's our first year planting them and some little bug is getting at them. According to the package, the hollyhocks won't bloom for nearly a year, that's a lot of investment so I don't want to lose them. Love hollyhocks!

Any suggestions are welcome! I don't know what little critter is eating the leaves.

Thanks for dropping in, sweetie!

Anonymous said...

L'il Tiger - How many times do you have to water your garden?

Your friend,
Skunk Face's Owner

Anonymous said...

I cant remember why I cut off those two extra feet, but I did have a good reason. Honest.

Tina Dee Books said...

Dear Skunk Face,

My dad and I water twice a day with the garden hose. I used a water can, but it takes longer, so now I use the hose.

Skunk Face, I love you and I will see you tomorrow and can't wait to throw your chew toys for you.

Lil Tiger!

A J Hawke said...

Hi Lil Tiger,

What a great garden! You must have worked hard to have such nice rows of plants. Please let us know when you start harvesting.

A J Hawke

Ginny Hamlim said...

Please thank Lil Tiger for me. I showed my hubby the pics and it lit a fire under my hubby.

He spent most of yesterday and a good part of today prepping his garden! Yum.

Billy Coffey said...

Now there's a garden! That looks fantastic.

Julia M. Reffner said...

Thanks for the welcome, Tina. Your page is beautiful. Ooh and your recipe for Raspberry Cream French Toast sounds to die for...My passions are writing, reading and cooking, too :). Plan to read your blog novel when I get the chance :).

Tina Dee Books said...

Dear A.J.

So far we've harvested sweet peas and I like them. They're pretty good--for a vegetable.

We have corn that's taller than me now, and tomato plants that are growing crazy wild. The tomatoes have flowers but not fruit yet. I don't like tomatoes. I'm giving them away to family and neighbors.

We've also harvested some of the spinach and the red leaf lettuce--OI do like salad with blue cheese dressing. And we have cucumbers coming in. I'm going to turn them into pickles!

I love your cowboy stories. Please write more. Even though they are not for kids, I still think cowboy Joe is very interesting and I want to know what happens to him. Mom says she'll buy me an autographed copy, so please hurry. It's good enough you could sell it for two- or three hundred dollars, maybe even more. That's for each book. And if you sell it online you could also charge shipping and handling, so folks would act now while supplies last.

Lil Tiger

(Seriously, the kid watches too many infomercials if he can rattle off that last line, LOL)

Tina Dee Books said...

Hi Julia!

So glad for your visit! Thank you for stopping by. I'm building a new book club site since Ning will start charging us soon. I'll let our book club group know more as I get something closer to being set up.

Love's Gamble, I'm writing the next chapter this week (our last day of school is tomorrow, YAY!) and then I begin my regular writing schedule. So please look for the next chapter soon also.

Thanks for compliments on the garden--my husband and son worked really hard on it (and I cheered them on, LOL).

We're looking forward to planting more soon.