Crazy Monday Recipe ~ The Best Crunchy Golden Onion Rings!

Okay, I must confess...I had been craving crunchy onion rings for over a week. Yes, I lasted a week before going online and searching for a recipe that would make its new home in my little wooden recipe box, and I found it!

I won't give you the original recipe (you can visit for that--ohhhh, and it's worth it!), but I will tell you what I substituted because I didn't have those few original ingredients:

I didn't have club soda, so I used diet Sierra Mist (I said I had to improvise, LOL). The second substitution was Italian bread crumbs for the Panko bread crumbs. 

What can I say? I just don't use Panko very often. Other than that, all ingredients and measurements remained the same. 

So, I'll give you the link to the original recipe, courtesy of, but what I will give you now is the video of the yummy goodness of this great recipe. Even my husband, who hates onions, likes these. A lot! ~ LOVE YA!

Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing makes a great dip for these onion rings. Mmmm....
This delicious recipe
pretty pics 
courtesy of 
Go visit them! 
So many yummy things there!

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