It's the Dad Life

Happy July 4th! 

This is one of my favorite holidays! We'll enjoy celebrating all the wonderful freedoms we have in this great and God blessed country, along with celebrating those inspiring and courageous souls who braved preposterous odds--and overcame them--to gain these freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

This is a day to celebrate!

Now, many dads will be out this weekend mowing the lawn, grilling, and playing, carrying kids on their shoulders to a favorite spot to watch those brilliant fireworks light up the sky. Don't you just love dads and husbands?

I though you'd get a kick out of the playfulness, or maybe seriousness, of these guys...

COTM - Dad Life

The fabulous Lena Nelson Dooley, a wonderful author, shared this and I thought you'd get a good chuckle out of it.

Come back tomorrow, we'll have a whole different twist on the husband/dad theme ~ it's worth dropping by, promise!

Happy July 4th!


Kameko said...

Happy Independence Day to you!

I love the video - I saw it when Lena first posted it and thought it was a hoot!


Tina Dee Books said...


Don't you just love Lena? She's a hoot and a fine Texan lady (and a great writer!)

Come for tomorrow's video, it's not as silly, but it's sweet.

Have a wonderful holiday!