Writing Naked ~ Guest Post by Billy Coffey

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I'm always glad to have Billy drop by and share with us, and I enjoy visiting his blog, love his writing. 

You know, there has been a lot going on in life for me and it's taken me away from writing (case in point - how long have you been waiting for chapter 7 of Love's Gamble? LOL.) 

I'm so thankful for your patience, & your encouragement, & absolutely grateful for your prayers!)

Many thanks to Billy for the privilege of a visit with him & inviting us to his blog for the rest of the story--this has given me a much needed rest and several moments to catch my breath.

Here's Billy, we'll hop over to his blog porch --or you can race me there now and grab the porch swing...I'll leave that up to you--and whatever you choose suits me fine, we're family, be comfortable here, or there.

And thanks, Billy! I appreciate you and am blessed by your words. Keep 'em flowing!


Writing Naked

by Billy Coffey

Originally posted on www.BillyCoffey.com 
January 28, 2010  

I write in terror. I have to talk myself into bravery with every sentence, sometimes every syllable –Cynthia Ozick

I took exactly one class in writing. It was about fifteen years ago at the community college and was taught by a real published author whose name I cannot recall. But she was published, and as far as I was concerned that was all the credentials she needed.
 image courtesy of photobucket.com
image courtesy of photobucket.comThe first class turned out to be the most useful. That’s not to say the instruction given in the proceeding eleven weeks of the course wasn’t useful. It was. But that first night alone was worth the money.

The twenty or so people in the class formed a semi-circle around the professor, who stood in behind a wooden podium that was much more intimidating than she. We sat at attention, notebooks ready, eager to have our heads filled with the hidden secrets of literary success.

“Tell me,” she said, “what does one need to write?”

The more outgoing among the class were quick with suggestions:




“Connections.” (That one was met with a nervous chuckle from the rest of the class.)


Each was met with an approving nod and so was written down by everyone, myself included. But that really wasn’t what she wanted to hear.

“Those are good suggestions,” she said, “but you’re leaving the most important aspect out. Anyone?”

No one.

“Courage,” she said.

I didn’t really understand that and snickered under my breath. Courage? Soldiers needed courage. Cops needed courage. EMTs and stunt men and bullfighters. But writers? Sitting on your butt and typing on a keyboard did not take courage.

“There are some who might disagree with that,” she said—and to this day I swear she looked at me when she said it—“and I understand. You disagree because you’re writing with your clothes on. By the time you leave here, you’ll be writing naked.”

I’ll admit I almost walked out then. I’d heard about kooky writing classes given by kooky professors who did some pretty strange things in the name of “art.” I was afraid if I stuck around I’d end up dressed in a blue tracksuit with a cup of Kool-Aid in my hand because a comet was passing by to take me to heaven.

Wait! There's more! 

Hop over to Billy's blog porch with me and we'll read the rest together. You'll love it. If you want to know what it's like to write a novel for publication, come listen to the rest of the story. 

Or come, just to hear Billy tell us the rest, because he's a great storyteller.


Kameko said...

Good interview and it hooked me, I'm on my way to Billy's porch to hear the rest of the story!

Vickie passed on your "hello" when I met her in Edmond on Saturday for the book signing. It was wonderful to finally get to meet Vickie, but the other five wonderful authors I had not met. And as always, it was a joy to see Darlene again.


Tina Dee Books said...

Hi Beverly,

I'm glad you got my hello at the book signing!

Yes, do visit Billy's blog and browse through his previous posts, they are great. He's such a wonderful reader, and if you're on Twitter or Facebook, you can follow/friend him on both of those, too.

Thanks for all your sweet words about Love's Gamble--I really appreciated them!

Watch the blog this week, the next chapter goes up.