Author Janice Thompson on Writing and a Giveaway of Her Book: Fools Rush In

We have a great guest visiting today!

Author and writing teacher, Janice Thompson joins us to chat about writing and a little about grandkids.

Janice, you are one BUSY lady with online courses, webinars on writing, your own editing business and writing. You've written a lot of books, tell us what genres you've written and how many you've published/contracted.

Yes, I’ve written a lot of books! I’ll be signing a contract soon for book #62. Seems crazy, especially in light of the fact that my first book wasn’t published until 1999. I write in multiple genres: contemporary romance, romantic comedy, historical, historical romance, cozy mystery, suspense/thriller, non-fiction self-help, non-fiction devotion. 

Any genre you enjoy writing most?

Those who’ve read my most recent novels know I’m particularly tickled to write romantic comedy. This dates back to my days as a playwright. All of my stage plays are comedies. (There’s no greater reward for a writer than to listen to an audience roar with laughter at something you’ve written.)

Who was a favorite character you've written?

Ack. What a tough question. I love Aunt Rosa in the “Weddings by Bella” series, but I think I love Grandma Lenora even more. She’s the grandmother character in my upcoming “Backstage Pass” series from Revell. She’s an aging Hollywood star who’s stuck in the 1950’s.

I really want to take a moment here and highlight this, I think so many readers of this blog would also like to become writers but don’t know where to begin…Janice, you're very active in teaching ACFW's online courses, having free fiction writing webinars, and providing online courses for fiction writing. Please share with us more about what you offer in your online courses.

Thanks for asking. I’ve always been a teacher at heart. Back in the ‘90s, I taught drama and creative writing at a school of the arts. I also homeschooled my four girls and seven other students, as well. And yes, I’m active in the ACFW course loop. I’ve had such a blast helping other writers learn the craft.

Because I feel called to teach (and because so many writers come to me with the same questions/issues) I decided it would be easier to come up with actual lessons. Sending a lesson is much easier than repeating the same information over and over again!

I started with a course called “Becoming a Successful Freelance Writer.” It’s all about earning money with your writing. Each of the ten lessons in that course will become its own course. I’ve just completed the “Fiction Writing Master Course,” which I believe to be one of the most comprehensive, affordable courses available to fiction writers today.

To learn more about both courses, go to

Thank you, Janice. I’ve been there and there are several courses I’d love to take.

What would you say to the person visiting with us now who feels she has a book in her but doesn't know where to start, never written anything that wasn't a school assignment?

Learn the craft. I see far too many people dive in and write the book, not knowing the acceptable manuscript forms and writing styles. Learn, learn, learn. Then take what you’ve learned and apply it to what you’re writing. If you’re serious about selling that manuscript, figure out how to write a solid proposal.

Spend time checking and re-checking your manuscript for common problems like passive writing, and make sure you have a clear understanding of POV (point of view). I’ve seen more fiction writers shoot themselves in the foot because of POV than anything else.

What advice would you give a novice writer? What sort of support systems would you recommend also?

I would encourage you to do several things: join a local writing group, if you can find one. Get in a critique group. If you can’t find one, then join ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and asked to be put in an online group. Be willing to accept critique, both from critique partners and from editors and agents. Go to conferences if you can afford them. There, you will meet like-minded writers and others in the business. Finally, consider signing up for my online courses. As I said above, they are both comprehensive and affordable.

How can we find out more about your books and you as an author?

Easy! You’ll find me on the web at I’m also on facebook at

How can we find out more about your online courses and where can we go to see when classes are starting?

The classes are audio/video driven and are a “work at your own pace” style, so they’re always available. Check out the information at For more on the fiction course, go here:

For more on the “Becoming a Successful Freelance Writer” go here:

Any question(s) you wished I'd asked that I didn't?

You didn’t ask about my grandbabies!

Oh my goodness! That would be the best part of our interview! Please do tell us about your little sweeties!

I have six beautiful grandchildren: Madysen Lynae (3), Avery Rae (2), Peyton Renae (2), Ethan Ames (18 months), Boston Craig (four months) and Brooke Ryleigh (three weeks). Can you imagine six grandbabies, all in this age group? They’re precious and I love each and every one!

Thank you so much the visit and the writing advice and sharing where we can take your writing courses! And, thank you that you’ve kept them so affordable!

Janice is giving away a copy of her book:

Fools Rush In
Book one in the Weddings by Bella series

Visit Janice's blog to look over her Books page.

Come back here and tell us what 
top 3 titles sound like an great read to you.

Don’t forget to leave your email address in this format:  YourName[at]whatever[dot]com

This giveaway ends Oct 31, 2010


Julia M. Reffner said...

I would love to read all of the Weddings by Bella series. I love the cover of this one with the gazebo in the background.


Linda said...

66 books in 11 years! Unbelievable! And in all that, I haven't read any of your books, yet!
Here are the three I'd like to read:
Pushing up Daisies
The Wedding Caper
Gone with the Groom.
Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

apple blossom said...

All her books look wonderful

I saw these three non fiction that interested me

The House is quiet now what? I'm rushing to this season in my life

I must Decrease.

199 Reasons to be Thankful

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Janice Thompson said...

Aw, sweet! Thanks so much for posting this!

Ginny said...

Great interview! I appreciate all the information, thank you, Janice Thompson.

I subscribed to your newsletter and even sent yoou a Facebook friend invite. Now to save up for the courses. :)

Also, nice to hear about the grandchildren! I look forward to becoming a grandmother for the first time, April 29, 2011!!!

Cindy W. said...

Awesome post. Love interviews with Janice. I visited he Book page and there are several books of hers I would love to have that I haven't read yet. They are - LOVE ME TENDER; IT HAD TO BE YOU; AND LOVE FINDS YOU IN POETRY, TEXAS. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of FOOLS RUSH IN.

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.


Anonymous said...

The books that I am most interested in are:
1. Pushing Up Daisies
2. It Had to Be You
3. I must Decrease (not available but I need to lose weight!)


A J Hawke said...

What do you mean, only three. They all sound delightful.
Well, if I must choose:
Pushing up Daisys
Gone with The Groom
Fools Rush In

A J Hawke
ajhawkeauthor at aol dot com

karenk said...

a great's really hard choose only 3 books...but my choices are: Pushing Up Daisys; 199 Reasons to be Thankful; and The Wedding Caper ;)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

karenk said...

a great's really hard choose only 3 books...but my choices are: Pushing Up Daisys; 199 Reasons to be Thankful; and The Wedding Caper ;)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Tina Dee Books said...

Thanks, Janice for the great interview and tips!

I recently attended one of Jancie's webinars got a ton of great information for writing better. I highly recommend it. There are several of her courses I'd love to take.

adge said...

I have read a few of Janice's early publications, and the three titles I saw that sounded great were: Spring Creek Bride, Fools Rush In, and Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas. gasweetheart211[at]netscape[dot]net

Nancye said...

All of her books sound awesome!! The 3 books that I think I would like the best are:

1. Love Me Tender
2.Swinging on a Star
3. It Had to Be You

I would love to win "Fools Rush In"! Thanks for the chance.

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Ann Lee Miller said...

Swinging on a Star, It Had to Be You, and Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas sound wonderful. Count me in on the drawing. :)

Jo said...

How am I expected to pick just 3 books. All of Janice's books are good and I am especially enjoying the Bella series.


Renee Ann said...

I enjoyed Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas, and would love to read Spring Creek Bride, Swinging On a Star, and It Had to Be You. (If I were only limited to 3, that is!) I'd love to win one of her books! Please include me . . . reneeasmith61 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Edna said...
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ppreacherswife said...

The ones on my to read list are Fools Rush In, It Had to Be You, and Swinging on a Star.

Cindy W. said...

Oh, I would love to read Pushing Up Daisies, Spring Creek Bride & Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas.

Cindy W.


apple blossom said...

actually all of them look wonderful. I was on her nonfiction page and found three that looked good:

the House is Quiet, Now What?
I must Decrease
199 Reasons to be Thankful

ABreading4un [at] gmail [dot] com

Edna said...

I love Janet's books, I would love to read:
Love Find you in Poetry Texas
Fools rush in
Allegheny Hopes


Anonymous said...

Spring Creek Bride
Red Like Crimson
The Love Song