Crazy Monday Recipe ~ Steak Pita Wrap

Okay, this one has been on the list to share with you for a couple of months! But, you know how crazy life can get and I'm just re-entering my writing life again (YAY!)

There's so much to share with you, but we'll just ease into it all. So today, we're starting with our Crazy Monday Recipe and it's sooooo goooood!

And EASY-peasy!

You need leftover steak (ha, like there'd be any!) or any kind of leftover meat--hot or cold, baby spring greens salad mix, blue cheese or ranch dressing or tzatziki sauce (the Greek sauce with Greek yogurt and cucumber), and pita or, my preference, garlic Naan bread (it's Indian bread).

That's it!

1) Cut left over meat into bite sizes.

2) Baby spring greens salad mix

3) Dressing/sauce of your choice

4) Naan bread (or pita, but not as good as the break from India)

Stack it, give thanks to the One who provided for it, eat, enjoy!

You'll need a napkin. Aw, go ahead, just lick your fingers, I won't tell.

Yum! Did I say YUM? I'll say it again, YUM!

What about you? 
Tell us how you make your favorite sandwich.

P.S. - Stop by tomorrow and we'll hop over to Billy's porch for a great story!

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Ginny said...

I'm glad you're back! I've missed getting your great recipes, which I pass on to my hubby (the chef in our home). This sounds like something he'd enjoy... a lot.

I look forward to sharing time with you on Billy's porch tomorrow. ;)