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Well, we have to have a little fun to cap off the work week (especially after my long absence from you all--have you forgiven me yet?) Before we do, I want you to know I'm reading and going through a study in Pete Wilson's book PLAN B. I got the book in exchange for a review, but this thing is so GOOD that I couldn't help but to go through the study.

Let me just take a brief moment here to tell you this--life can go haywire crazy, hopes can shatter like glass, and dreams can remain way off in the distance. Out of reach. And sometimes, the way we think things should have been come back to us and haunt us. The What Ifs and the Whys become loud clashing cymbals and drown out everything else. And God can seem so far away. But He's not. The Plan didn't fall apart, even if you feel like you have. I highly recommend PLAN B for anyone facing life with big questions and huge disappointments.

Plan B
Pete Wilson
Available Now!

Okay, back to the fun--I saw this video on Pastor Pete's blog Without Wax--if you haven't visited Pete Wilson's Without Wax blog, you're missing out!

So, back to the video--which was actually from last weeks posts on Without Wax. Pete had a competition with his lovely bride, Brandi, to see who could hold their breath the longest. Silly, I know, but fun and so funny my stomach hurt from laughing so much.

We're a little late, but after you watch the video, click over to Pete's blog and answer the question he asked on his post. Com'n, let's go visit Pete! While we're there, let's check out the latest series there at Cross Point Church:  Empty Promises. There are a few vids to check out on that and you can watch the Sunday message feeds. Click here: 

Enjoy your weekend!

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