My Come to Jesus Moment by Billy Coffey

Well, if you've been making yourself at home here, then you already know our guest is no guest at all. He's family.

That's because his writing comes straight from his heart to ours. And it's a God-given gift--his talent to tell a good story.

But before we head over there, I just want to take a moment to share the great news that Billy's book, SNOW DAY, is releasing SOON! So, head over to your favorite book store and reserve your copy, and be sure to tell a friend. And order a copy from your library and ask them if they'd display it on their front shelf of featured books. (THANK YOU!!!)

Snow Day
by Billy Coffey
Available: October 11, 2010!

The following is another favorite excerpt of mine. Billy's testimony. Loved it. I know you will too...
My Come to Jesus Billy Coffey
You do stupid things when you’re seventeen. Things that maybe don’t make much sense later, but certainly do at the moment. It’s a scary age. You stand right on the pivot point of your life, teetering and tottering between the child you were and the adult you want to become. You try to find your balance, but more often just stumble and fall.
At seventeen, I stumbled and fell.

I referenced Allison in a post on What I Learned Today and the events surrounding her then-anonymous letter to me, and I alluded to what I considered at the time to be a one-way trip into the mountains above my town. At the time, I wrote only what I had to in order to put the rest of the story in perspective. But since so many of you wanted to know how I came to Christ, I’m going to do that right now.

Here’s the part I didn’t tell.

The sad thing about high school is that everyone from teachers to guidance counselors expects you to be able to plan the rest of your life. That’s just not possible. Being a senior in high school is all about living in the moment. The now. It’s enjoying what you have because you’ve realized you won’t have it much longer.

Me, I enjoyed my senior year for that very reason. I was leaving. Headed for either college or some major league farm system. So while my classmates crammed and studied and stressed over SATs, me and my motley crew of friends partied, fought, and chased girls. Looking back, I was being stupid. But at the time? 

Oh, it was magical.

But it’s usually when we manage to convince ourselves that we have the world on a string that the string breaks. Mine broke during the sixth inning of a baseball game. Not slowly, mind you. I didn’t hear it tighten, didn’t hear it strain. There was just one clean, violent snap.

My future was there, then it was not.

Then there was nothing.

Men define themselves by what they do. It’s one of the first questions we’ll ask when meeting another man for the first time. “What do you do for a living?” we’ll ask. Me, I was always going to answer “Ballplayer” to that question. That was all I had. All I was.

I was an awkward teenager. Never confident, never truly happy. But when I stepped between those lines I was both. It was the one thing in my life that brought me joy.

Also the one thing God took away.
It's just gets better friends.
Let's head over to Billy's blog porch to hear the rest. 
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Ginny said...

I enjoy Billy's posts and loved rereading this one. I'm looking forward to the release of his debut novel, "Snow Day" on October 11. ;)

Peter P said...

Snow Day is awesome!

Billy is Awesome!

God is Awesomer though :-)

Billy also looks annoyingly good in hats!

Tina Dee Books said...

Hi Ginny!

I'm so excited about Billy's Snow Day coming out! We're going to have him on as a guest!

xoxox--Ginny, btw, thank you for hanging in there with me!

Tina Dee Books said...


RFLOL!!!! And, well said!

Lord bless your day! Thanks for making me smile!

A J Hawke said...

Great insight into what life is like for many teens. I'm forwarding this to our Youth Minister.

Thanks for sharing Billy and Tina

A J Hawke