Deeply Devoted - Christmas Giveaway

Our friend and beloved author of the Heart of the West series has a wonderful new book recently released: Deeply Devoted. She's sharing about a fabulous giveaway by her publisher, Revell Publishing. I'll let Maggie tell you more...

Well hello y'all,

I promised you a Christmas Giveaway that you just couldn't refuse!!

I’m excited to announce the launch of an incredible promotion from my publisher, Revell, in celebration of Deeply Devoted. The prizes are amazing: A $250 Bed & Breakfast Date Night, a 21-piece Blue Willow china set, or a gourmet Italian feast fit for a king (or queen!) Wouldn’t one of these prizes be the perfect way to start the New Year? 

To enter the giveaway, go here:

The link is also on the sidebar on the left of my facebook author page as well.

Don't forget to savor the meaning of Christmas admist the shopping, decorating, etc. Slow down and take time to enjoy the free gift of God's incredible gift--the reason for our celebration.


Thanks Maggie and Revell Publishing, for dropping by to tell us about this incredible contest!
To learn more about Maggie and all of her books visit her website and blog.
Both are listed on her author page on Facebook.

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