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I'm excited to introduce you to my friend and author, Susette Williams. I've known Susette for a few years, and have enjoyed the pleasure of reading several of her stories as she's written them. Her characters are strong and endearing, and this is particularly true of the hero in my most recent read of one of her romances.

I met this handsome gentleman in the pages of Accidental Meeting, a book by bestselling romance author Susette Williams. Let’s sit back and get cozy while we meet the hero of my pick of Amazon Kindle KDP top read of the week, Accidental Meeting.

Bruce, please introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m 34 and a CEO of a major corporation. I believe in being prompt and disciplined if you expect to get anywhere in life.

And what about your family? Are you pretty close to your family? Tight-knit, I mean?

I’m single. As for my parents, my father passed away a few years ago. My mother remarried. I presume she didn’t want to live alone. She could have moved in with my sister’s family or myself if she’d wanted. My nephews, John and Alex are wonderful, exuberant boys. My sister was pregnant with John when our father died, so she named him after our father. We didn’t used to spend a lot of time together, but we’re trying to get together more.

Bruce, you’re on crutches? What happened?

Um…it’s kind of surreal to be honest. I was in a car accident, but didn’t get hurt.

Then how did you end up on crutches?

Abbey was so excited that I wasn’t hurt, she ran over to hug me and I stepped backwards…which is when I fell down the embankment and broke my leg.

How does this affect your day to day life?

I’m not able to drive with the cast on and since Abbey was recently unemployed, I hired her to be my chauffeur.

You hired her?

Well, she offered to work for free to make amends, but I insisted on paying her.

That’s a bit peculiar. What do you know about the lady who hit you? Was she pretty?

She’s not as crazy as I thought she was. (Bruce laughs.) She has the most expressive green eyes I have ever seen, they change with her moods, and she has shoulder length hair that bounces when she walks. She’s also a great Christian witness. I don’t know another Christian, or anyone in fact, who would be willing to go the extra mile and make amends for a mistake they made.

 Accidental Meeting 
(Free January 21-23)

Meet the Susette Williams, romance author 

I started writing poetry in 7th grade because a friend of mine did. That was also the first year I ever had to do book reports and after reading over fifty romance novels in the next year, I felt like I could write one. However, I never did set about trying to until I was in my mid-twenties. I wrote a few pages of one, and it wasn't specifically Christian.

My husband and I rededicated our lives to Christ, so I threw that story away and didn't begin 'really' writing until after my twin sons were born, and were around ten months old.

It was challenging writing with six children, but it was like I 'had' to write. Nearly sixteen years later and I am still writing, have never stopped and don't plan on it anytime soon.

I love sharing the stories in my head with others. It is fun to watch someone actually reading one of my stories, to see their facial expressions change while they are reading, or if they laugh out loud. It is a wonderful feeling to know I can transport someone into my stories and elicit feelings from them as they read.

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